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Having dog pets at your home

Mom, dad, can we have a little dog? Sooner or later, your little one will raise this question, opening a domestic debate about whether it is a good idea to have a dog (or other pet) at home. His friends from school may have one, they are tender and kids love them, but they also generate new responsibilities and, therefore, before deciding if you want a new member of the family there are a number of questions that have to make. Who will take care of it? Which pet is more appropriate? What hygiene measures to take? We will address these and other issues related to having pets in a home with children.

Dog pets
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New responsibilities, will there be time for more work?

There is no doubt that having a pet at home is synonymous with joy and fun for the whole family. For children can be very positive to have an animal with whom to share moments of a game and give affection, but a pet is not a toy, and having a pet involves some willingness to take charge of their care and needs.

With a pet at home, children learn new social skills such as positive discipline and patience, as they must deal with them at specific times, teach them where to pee, not to bite things and sleep in your space.

Also, having a pet is a new responsibility for the whole family. Although children can take care of many of their tasks, for example, the little ones can take care of giving them food and water every day, while older children can take them out for a walk or bathe and brush, keep in mind that a pet will be an extra time for you. Therefore, it is important that you know how you will organize at home if your children can take care of themselves, if you’re working hours allow you to take it for a walk frequently or who will take care of it during the holidays.

Which pet is more appropriate?

Dogs, cats, domesticated birds, turtles, hamsters, fish … The range is very wide and, although each child has their preferences, they should have in mind what physical space you have to accommodate one or another animal. If you live in a large house, with garden or large terrace, choosing between one or the other will not be a matter of square meters. But if your floor is small, you should keep in mind that a large dog needs its space to move freely. In this case, you can opt for a smaller dog, such as the French bulldog or the Yorkshire, or another type of pet, such as a cat, a bird or a rodent.

Time and availability for care also influence a lot when opting for one or another pet, as some animal species require minimal care and are much more independent. Some pets are more suitable for a family environment. So, although they are fashionable, it is advisable to run away from those that are poorly suited for a home with children, such as exotic reptiles or rodents.

If you are determined to have a pet you ought to be planters the possibility to adopt or foster one of many animals in protective or shelters, as it is also a way to give them a new home and not have to bear the cost to buy one.

Hygiene and safety

With pets at home, you must have some precautions related to the safety of children and hygiene. On the one hand, it is appropriate that in the case of dogs and cats, we are always present as they play, because they can inadvertently hurt them with teeth or nails.

Although the fact of having a pet is associated with a better immune system and have fewer diseases such as asthma or allergies, pets should not lick your hands or the face of the kids. In addition, it is important to impress the importance of washing hands thoroughly after playing with them or feed them.

When it comes to cleaning the home, if you have a pet with furs, such as dogs or cats, you should aspire everyday areas, such as the couches or the floor. In the case of garments such as blankets or cushions, they must be washed separately at least a couple of times a month. For white or light colored garments, you can add Neuter with bleach and thus give a plus disinfection.

In a house where pets live, a product with bleach and detergent as Estella is essential to disinfect and control odors as it is able to eliminate the microorganisms that cause these odors. It also serves to neutralize and eliminate mites and allergens, such as pollen, dust and pet hair, agents that can cause allergies.

As you can see, having a pet at home can be very suitable if you take into account some general considerations, which pet is more suitable for your family organization, the type of housing or the age of your children. In any case, it will be a new responsibility that you must take very seriously since a pet is not a toy.

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