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Safety precautions in manufacturing

Manufacturing plants are hives of activity, and there is often a lot of machinery being used and ingredients and products being moved around the space. It is therefore important that there are lots of safety precautions in place for all of the staff. Here are some of the safety mechanisms or equipment that most manufacturing plants will use.

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Vacuum conveying – when moving ingredients for manufacturing, it is important to take into consideration whether the products need to be hygienically handled and whether they pose a danger to people’s health. This is where a conveyor from places like can help as they keep the ingredients sealed in the unit and protect employees in the environment nearby.

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Lifting – manual handling can be one of the biggest causes of back injuries in the workplace and so having equipment like sack trucks and forklifts available is important to protect your staff. It is also important that they have regular manual handling training and any training that may be needed to use the equipment effectively and safely.

PPE – personal protective equipment is commonplace in manufacturing and will include high vis jackets, safety helmets and in some cases, gloves and aprons. The type of work that each member of staff does will determine the PPE that they need to be safe on a day to day basis.

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