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Beating Allergies: how to remove dust mites and other allergens

Allergens can come in all shapes and sizes — from food to drug to everyday common household allergens like dust and dust mites. There are many things we can do around the home to fight against these little pests, so here are some simple ways you can remove the common dust mite allergens that interfere in our lives.

Dust mites cause problems

Dust mites are microscopic little creatures that are found in just about every home. In fact, if there is dust anywhere in the home, you’re guaranteed to have dust mites. These microscopic guys eat, lay eggs and defecate all over the place. You don’t want them around! These critters are a major problem in the allergy department causing all kinds of problems. Some of the symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, respiratory problems, itchy eyes and even asthma.


Reduce humidity

There are some simple things you can do around the home to manage these pests. For starters, try reducing the humidity inside the home to less than 50%. This is especially important in bedrooms where dust mites proliferate. During the summer months this could be an extra challenge, but one simple way to reduce humidity in the summer is to use the air conditioner.

Wash bedding weekly and clean everything

Another way to help reduce the problem with dust mites is by focusing on hygiene. Make sure all of the bedding throughout the home is washed on a weekly basis. When you wash your bedding, the temperature of the water needs to be set at is a warm/hot setting. Ideally anything above 80°F will eliminate all of the dust mites. In addition to washing the bedding, having the carpets steam cleaned annually is a very effective way to get rid of excess dust. Also washing pillows and couches will help eliminate the dust mites.

Get rid of oversized couches and feather pillows

Becoming a smart consumer will also help mitigate the proliferation of dust mites. Large oversized and overstuffed furniture collects an excess amounts of dust. Non-washable curtains, rugs, and even non-treated carpets all collect a lot of junk that dust mites want to live in. Old pillows, especially ones filled with feathers, will likely have a colony of dust mites living in them. Get rid of these old pillows and upgrade to modern synthetic pillows that can be laundered and cleaned.

Robot vacuuming

There is also a technological solution to combating dust mites. It’s called vacuuming, and I’m not saying that to be facetious, vacuuming can do wonders to remove dust. It’s even possible to vacuum couches and mattresses to remove dust mites. It’s important to vacuum often, but if you forget there’s an even more technological solution to help with this. For around $500-$700 you can buy an automated robot vacuum that will clean every square inch of your home, even in hard-to-reach places that a normal vacuum can’t get, like under your bed. If you’re serious about removing dust mites and other allergens from home then an automated vacuum might be a smart investment.

Never ending battle

Looking at a picture of one of these dust mites will give most people the heebie-jeebies, but they really don’t pose much of a threat to us other than the allergies they cause. Dust mites live anywhere from two weeks to a few months, and in that time they lay 50 – 100 eggs, yuck. So, clean! And keep the home humidity below 50%. Replace those old dusty carpets with hard wood floors that are more easy to clean, and by staying vigilant and clearing away all dust from your home, you clear away dust mites. It’s a never-ending battle that will be fought every day, but you can be victorious.

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