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Stimulate your immune system by laughing

Smile to simple pleasures to the children who amuse themselves, to the arrival of a loved one, to something funny. The smile indicates that you are not overwhelmed by the weight of the world.

Find friends with who to joke laughing

Find someone with whom you can have fun conversations or someone who knows how to tell good comic stories.

  • Launch a comic festival at home
  • Rent classical comedy movies.
  • Reward yourself frequently, laughing with warm tears.
  • Remember embarrassing moments
  • Do not take them seriously.
  • Find the lighter side and describe them in a fun way!
  • This will open you to the humorous sides of life.

Find the fun side of things laughing

You may be angry after being splashed with mud or walking in a dog dung. It is an answer all that is more normal.

Instead, find a way to laugh. Imagine that it happened to someone you do not like. Make fun of them, then laugh at yourself.

Read comic books laughing

  • Cut out those that remind you of episodes of your life.
  • Post them on a bulletin board, fridge or a place where you can see them.
  • Sort your photos
  • Write fun dialogues or punch-lines to go with your favorites.
  • When you need to cheer yourself up, take out your album.


Share something funny  laughing

Every night at dinner, ask your family members to share with everyone at the table a funny or even embarrassing moment of their day.

Answer with humorlaughing

  • If someone is always late, say, “Well, I’m glad you do not run an airline. “
  • Life is too short to turn every affront into a battle.
  • If you are constantly offended by someone take it seriously and take appropriate action.
  • But for occasional problems, or if there is nothing that can be done to change the situation, opt instead for the humorous way.

Organize a laughter session laughing

Here’s how:

Lie on the ground with a person or more (partner, friend, child), head on the stomach of one of the participants and head someone else on yours (and so on). The more participants there are, the better.

  • The first person should say, “Ha. “
  • The second: “Ha-ha. The third person then said, “Ha-ha-ha. ” And so on.
  • You will all laugh together in no time.

Read the events section laughing

Choose humorous events that you could attend. It could be a circus or humor show, a play or a movie. Sometimes it takes a professional to help you regain your sense of humor.

Ask your friends to share their funny jokes or anecdotes laughing

Forge the reputation of being a person who wants to hear amusing stories that truly happened rather than being someone who prefers to listen to the rumors.

Establish a funny routinelaughing

This could be something as stupid as talking in a comic voice or doing a wacky dance. Use it to make you laugh when you’re in a bad mood.

  • Learn jokes
  • Learn a new simple joke every week and share it.
  • Laugh at yourself

For example, if you have a somewhat balding forehead, tell people that you are a former expert in balding healing.

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