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Top facts About Home Burglary

Most burglars are opportunists, so taking sensible security precautions is usually enough to deter them.

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Appropriate Precautions

1. The simplest solution to safeguarding your home from opportunistic thieves is to lock windows and doors every time you go out.

2. Secondly, try to never leave valuables on display. If you go out in the evening and leave an inside light on, make sure to draw the curtains so that valuables are not highlighted.

3. Try not to fall into too much of a routine as burglars will get to know your patterns of activity and test your defences when they expect you to be out.

4. Do not leave packaging for expensive items in your recycling as this makes it obvious what products are in your home. Instead, collect these up and take them to a household recycling centre. Do not flush packaging down the toilet as this can lead to blocked drains.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be caused by security-conscious householders flushing packaging down the drains. Indeed, a CCTV drain survey Northampton often reveals partial segments of cardboard or supposedly biodegradable packaging in blocked drains.

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Although the packaging is expected to break down when in prolonged contact with water, drain specialists such as often report that it instead forms a mulch which can block drains. This creates a far greater problem for householders than the security risk associated with leaving packaging outside for recycling collection.

Proactive Measures Following a Break-in

If your home is targeted by a burglar, it is important to implement appropriate security measures to prevent a repeat attempt. Many burglars will return to a home that they have previously burgled, expecting that the stolen goods will have been replaced under home insurance.  You must prevent their access with upgraded security measures such as security lighting, stronger bolts and alarm systems.

It is important to take proactive measures to protect your family, home and contents from burglary. So consider upgrading your security, hiding your valuables, modifying your routine and joining your local Neighbourhood Watch.

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