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Tin your car windows

The color of the auto glass is affordable and can help protect your skin from UV rays while you drive, give style to your vehicle and keep your car up to 78% cooler.

car windows
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One or two hours spent at the workshop of your car window installer will help you preserve your health, comfort and the condition of your car – while protecting your privacy!

When you tie your car windows, you:

You protect from UV rays while you stay cool – Your health may not be the first thought that comes to mind when you plan to do your auto glass tinting. However, protecting your skin against 99% of UV rays makes the color of automotive windows a good investment. Studies indicate that drivers have more risk of skin cancers on the left arm and on the left side of the face. One should not only put sunscreen, but experts also assert that the tint of the cars helps. This combination of safety and comfort is, therefore, unbeatable.

Make your car cool – Reduce air conditioning and, despite everything, stay cool in your car. Choose from new colors and shades to spice up the look of your vehicle. Add a bit of mystery, even to your sedan or SUV, while blocking the spokes that can drip and even crack your indoor carpet, dashboard, and cloth or leather cover.

Decrease the see better when driving, both day and night – Beautiful sunny days are fun. Would not it be wonderful to be able to enjoy it while driving? Do you have trouble seeing traffic on sunny days, even with sunglasses? The color of your windshield can reduce this glare. The same goes for night driving. The fear of being blinded by lighthouses coming in the opposite direction is more than a feeling; It is a danger. Why not protect your safety and eyes with a tinted film applied to the windshield of your vehicle and the rear window?

Stop vandalism and burglary – You know that you should not leave the electronics for the seat of your car, but the CD or DVD drive your vehicle can tempt burglars. A darker shade on your car’s windows protects the interior from the view of thieves and vandals.

Choose the color of the windows and look – Upgrade the appearance of your vehicle with a choice of four shades of automotive glass. Your choices are based on the amount of light that the tinted film gets into the car, truck or SUV: the films range from 50%, allowing most of the light to enter, at 5%, which is the Darker, the hue “limo”. Be sure to stick to a percentage that is legally acceptable in your area.

In all cases, be aware that strict rules apply. Visit the Society de-assurance automobile du Québec for more information.

Turn to the renowned automotive glass experts

Ready to tint the windows of your vehicle? Ask a respected car glass specialist. Expert installers know the automotive glass shade regulations for your province and offer a guarantee on their work.

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