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How to Eliminate Bad Odors in a House?

We will see here how to eliminate the bad odors in a house, whether it is the smell of snuff, fish, frying, fat, dirty clothes, garbage cans. You can feel many Bad odors in you. In truth, this is not strange since you do many daily tasks in your home that can be the source of bad odors. You may be wondering: what should I do now? Some commercial products allow you to get rid of these odors, but most are expensive and sometimes also odors persist. Unpleasant odors that we perceive at home can be eliminated easily with natural remedies or grandmother.

If you do not want your home to smell the cigarette, do not smoke or let anyone smoke inside! However, if you smoke at home and want this unpleasant smell to disappear, the vinegar will help you to neutralize this smell. Perfumed candles or coffee beans can also be a good alternative since the smell will camouflage that of tobacco.

So that your ashtrays do not smell, you just need to put on little litter and the smell will disappear.


If your microwave does not feel good, you can use a very simple trick: take a cup of lemon juice diluted with water and heat for about 30 seconds. Then leave the cup between 30 and 60 minutes inside the microwave.home improvement

Does your trash feel very bad? As for ashtrays, you can put a layer of litter in the bottom of your trash and you will see how quickly the smell will disappear. It is always important to keep the trash bin container clean and take out the trash every day to prevent unpleasant odors from invading your fireplace.

Is your dirty laundry basket feeling very loud? If you accumulate dirty laundry and you do your laundry every 2-3 days or more, your basket will tend to smell. If this is the case, sodium bicarbonate is an excellent solution to neutralize the odor emitted by your dirty laundry basket.home improvement

If you do not like the smell of your cupboard, put fresh coffee beans in a cloth bag or clean socks that you do not use. Hang them in your closet. The coffee will emit a strong odor that will neutralize bad odors. There are also other home remedies based on fruits and/or plants that perfume your closet and are effective in getting rid of moths.

The bed of your children or the sofa feels urine? You can neutralize the smell of urine by pouring a few drops of mouthwash on the mattress or on the sofa. To check that the mouthwash does not damage the fabric of the sofa, first drop a drop on a spot that is not very visible.

If you intend to paint your home or apartment, you also surely think of the unpleasant odors of painting. The odor of paint is very difficult to neutralize even by airing the room well. Oddly enough, pouring a few drops of vanilla extract into the paint container will neutralize the odor.

If you want the cooking smells to disappear at the end of cooking, boil the white vinegar in a saucepan without putting a lid on. The steam will neutralize odors.

If you want to neutralize the smell of onions or fish from your hands, rub hands with parsley for a few minutes and then rinse them with water. You can also choose to mix a tablespoon of sugar with lemon and rub the mixture into your hands.

You’ve all felt at least once the bad smell of some shoes to deodorize your shoes, pour bicarbonate inside them, wait about 24 hours and shake them the next morning.home improvement

If you want to make a deodorant for your home and save money by not buying deodorants that often do not fulfill their mission, take note:

  • Soap or softener (depending on your preferences)
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda
  • A spray bottle (you can reuse some bottles)

Fill the bottle with water, add two tablespoons of baking soda and a half cup of soap or softener. Contrary to what you might think, no need to mix well because you would only lose bicarbonate properties. Once you have your mixture, you can spray the places where there are bad odors.

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