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These are the 10 best speaker sets to your PC

Even though there are now many other options to listen to music, there is much to be said for a decent set of speakers to the PC. The built-in speaker’s laptops couples are rarely common and as a monitor, it has already built, that most good for what system sounds. Which speaker sets you to need for music playback on the PC?

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Listening to music many people today rather via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi streaming speaker than from the PC. Even the classic amplifier, simply connect a Google Chrome Cast Audio or a more luxurious streamer from a reputable hi-fi brand too. Yet it is placing worth in any case some good speakers on the laptop or PC. Perhaps you do not want any YouTube video via multi-room Wi-speakers to blare leave the house, if only because you’d rather not disclose in the year 2016 in a rick roll to be kicked. More obvious that your PC is in a different place in your home state or your sound system. Stereo PC speakers have at least the advantage that they produce a better stereo image than the usually mono-streaming counterparts, as they are considerably cheaper. That makes sense; there is no additional electronics or battery present. Read also The 12 best Bluetooth speakers currently available.

Yet we see that the quality of the PC speaker sets we’ve heard for this test, predominantly significantly less well than similarly priced models from five or ten years ago. That seems strange, but it is not: the sets include costs in absolute terms about the same as at that time were the case, meaning they are relatively cheaper. In addition, raw materials, transportation, and labor correctly even have become more expensive in recent years. That manufacturer try to keep the price will have to do with consumers in the computer market alone decreases and value expected for the same money.

It is mainly on price and the number of brands currently participating is limited. As recently Philips has reportedly left the market. The focus on price has led to a lot of products of dubious quality on the market, of which we find several in this test. Fortunately, there are still indeed good PC speakers for sale but note that a compromise either invest just a little more. Speakers finally you do not buy to replace them after only two years.

Hercules XPS 2.1 Bass Boost

With a price at around fifty euros, these Hercules speakers are among the cheapest in the test. It is also to refrain: The satellite speakers are made of shiny, thin plastic and weigh almost nothing. The subwoofer the comes in any case more solid. The right speaker is attached to the subwoofer; the left must separately punch you. The audio of this set also attached to the subwoofer. The placement will be limited. One of the satellites is an auxiliary input and a headphone jack as well as the volume and bass controls.

The sound hits across the board deficit, only classical pieces are still somewhat acceptable. In almost all we hear is the balanced search, mainly because the quality of the satellites lags behind the neither more nor great subwoofer. Which sends when there really low to be produced? The satellites then in addition to vibrate, which is really not acceptable.

Trust Byron

The set of Trust you learn a lot at the store counter. It seems like a good deal, two decent touch two-way satellites and a subwoofer with an impressive claimed the power of 120 watts. The practice is different. The tweeter on the satellites show nothing more than a plastic punched pattern, there is only one driver at present. Byron is functionally identical to the cheaper, also available Titan brand. Here too we find an auxiliary input and a headphone on the wired remote. The sound is substandard. Vocals sound dull, almost as if you hear them underwater. There is virtually no definition, so do not place individual instruments and the bass is unchecked. At higher volumes in the low goes thumping subwoofer. For half the price we would not all be excited, but at the asking price of ninety Euros, we can only advise against Byron.

Alternative: studio monitors

As written is the quality of many of the models tested against. That’s because manufacturers especially are trying to achieve a relatively low price point. If you really something of a qualitatively higher level looking to listen to music on your PC, you’ll need to spend some more. It is worth listening ear to settle so-called studio monitors. Actually, the speakers that are designed for a neutral sound for use in recording studios, but this name is used in practice for many active bookshelf speakers. An affordable and readily available example, the Hercules XPS 2.0 60 and 80 DJ. Certainly, the 80 DJ is a great buy for about 125 Euros. Who has more to spend can choose more luxurious models that just over 400 Euros costs as the Audio engine A5 + or Edifier S1000DB, with a sound quality that far surpasses the sets in this test.

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