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Outdoor Winter Workwear Essentials

If you are required to spend most of your time outdoors, it is important that you have the right equipment, both for comfort and safety.

This will obviously depend on the nature of your job and how comfortable you are. Some people working outdoors may prefer thermals. Others will be happy with a mid-layer of a body warmer and fleece.

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As a general rule, the following are staples that most people would consider essentials for workwear:

  • High-visibility clothing
  • A jacket that is waterproof
  • Fleeces and sweatshirts
  • Thermal clothing is a great way to keep warm
  • Grip Gloves
  • Hats and thick socks
  • Body warmer
  • Accessories such as knee pads and portable work lights are essential.
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Factors to consider when shopping for winter workwear essentials

  • Weather – Have you checked the forecast? It is important to check the weather forecast before you start any work so that you will be prepared. Wearing waterproof clothing, for example, is essential if the weather forecast calls for a rainy day.
  • Time – If you have an evening job (e.g. that will run beyond 4 pm), make sure to wear high visibility clothing in order to be protected when it gets dark.
  • Risk Assessments – ask about the details of the job and any potential hazards so you know what to expect before arriving. You’ll find that not all jobs are the same. This will allow you to create a winter wardrobe of essentials for a range of situations.
  • Temperature – If you have to work outdoors for a long time, thermals can make a big difference. They will keep you comfortable and warm. Thermals will also help you to wick away any sweat that may accumulate on a physically demanding job.
  • Insulation: Look for clothing with an emphasis on insulation in winter workwear.

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