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Why are air source heat pumps popular?

With the rising popularity of heat pumps, many people are looking at them and wondering why they have become so desirable.

The government has set itself the target of achieving carbon neutrality within the next 25 years, so the push for renewable energy in homes has become a priority. Air source heat pumps are a choice many people make, and there are several reasons they have become the go-to choice. Let’s take a look at why this type of renewable energy is so popular.

Why do people use air source heat pumps?

Air source heat pumps are cost-effective in comparison to many other options, as they use little electricity. They are also energy efficient, meaning they will reduce your carbon footprint; what’s more, they can not only heat your home but also provide hot water.

For those interested in learning more about the benefits of air source heat pumps, this article in the Guardian provides useful information.

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How air source heat pumps work

In simple terms, air source heat pumps will convert outside air into heat to be used in the home’s main heating system while using as little energy as possible.

There are many options when looking into acquiring air source heat pumps, so it can initially be quite daunting; however, specialists such as will guide you through the process.

To gain a better understanding of how air source heat pumps work, let’s take a more in-depth look into the process:

An air source heat pump takes air from outside and converts it into a liquid, which can be used inside the heating system to power your home.

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Next, using electricity, the pump compresses the gas taken from the air outside and turns it into water. The gas is known as a refrigerant.

The refrigerant, after it has been converted into water, will cool down as it goes through the heat exchanger. As it travels, it will expand and cool down even more until it can take in more warmth from outside and start the process again.

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