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Ways to Recycle at Home

Taking care of the planet is now more important than ever – and a huge part of this is recycling. Making sure that the resources of the earth can be reused is something that we should all be doing, and something that many people have started to come up with new ways of doing to make this possible – from coffee cups to recyclable displays, making as much as we can recyclable is a huge part of the solution to climate change.

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As well as big businesses doing their bit, recycling on an individual level is equally important – and it is amazing how much you can recycle and the great ways that you can reuse items that would otherwise end up in landfill. Here are a few ideas…

In the garden – Polystyrene blocks are a great addition to the bottom of a plant tub – they work well for drainage and make the pot lighter when you put soil in on top of it.

Clothes – Recycling old clothing is a good way to reuse those things that you no longer wear. There are loads of online tutorials showing you how to make things like cushion covers and other items of clothing from older ones.

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Glass Jars – If you are hoping to save some money this winter as the cost of living crisis continues, a great way to reuse some glass jars and to save the planet is to turn them into decorative candle holder gifts with a little paint and some holes in the top for the air.

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