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How do you fix a water damaged phone

How do you fix a water damaged phone? 10 Special tips

Today we depend a lot on ubiquitous smartphones. Whether for work or leisure we always end up needing it for all kinds of things. That is why we are terrified when we get wet or directly submerged by accident. Today, we are going to share 10 special tips on how do you fix a water damaged phone.

In the vast majority of cases, the guarantee does not cover damage caused by water. In addition, manufacturers make sure they know when water is the cause of the breakdown by means of a “sneak” mechanism. Only in the case that we have taken out an insurance, we will be able to have a new terminal without any expense. Keep reading: Why don’t buy Samsung A6 plus?

How do you fix a water damaged phone?

How do you fix a water damaged phone

Turn it off and undo it as much as you can

To avoid short circuits it is important to turn it off immediately. Then proceed to disassemble everything you can (case, battery, SIM card …) The more you disassemble, the faster you will eliminate the moisture that may have absorbed.


Once disassembled, and provided that the internal flooding of our appliance is not too severe and that we treat it in time, rice can be a good method to solve it. It consists in totally burying our terminal and the disassembled parts in rice. It is a slow system and in the most dramatic cases, we will have to leave it up to two days.

How do you fix a water damaged phone


Silica is more effective than rice, those little balls that come in small paper bags when we buy electronic devices. The method will be the same as with rice, bury it for a day or two. You can acquire silica easily on the internet.

Isopropyl alcohol

It seems hard to believe but immersing the smartphone in isopropyl alcohol for a minute can be a good method to recover it. This type of alcohol evaporates quickly and, here comes the crux of the matter, it also takes the water with it. After submerging it, we will wait a few hours until we no longer notice the smell of the compound. Of course, you should always carry out this method with the mobile off and the battery removed.

Nothing hot

Forget about hair dryers, radiators, ovens or any heat source as it can irreversibly damage your mobile. These appliances are designed to avoid heat as much as possible as it can melt many of its components.

Things not to do when a mobile phone gets wet

mobile phone gets wet

If you have soaked your phone in water before you start pulling your hair, try to avoid any of these actions:

  • Do not turn it on.
  • Do not press any button.
  • Do not shake the phone.
  • Do not blow (prevent water from leaking more).
  • Do not try to dry it by applying heat (hair dryer etc.).

Follow this 10 special tips:

There are many myths and legends, collected in ancient Egyptian papyri and ancestral sayings, which recommend using a hairdryer. Error! The truth is that in these cases, it is better to use force than:

  1. Turn off the terminal and put it in the vertical position.
  2. Remove any protection case and remove the SIM and micro SD cards (if you have them).
  3. Try removing the battery. Not all phones have the removable battery, so it is possible that this step you can not carry out.
  4. Use a cloth or paper towel to dry the device. Be careful not to spread even more water that may be inside.
  5. If the terminal is very wet you can also use a vacuum to absorb the water. In this case, be careful not to take any extractable components along the way.
  6. Take the phone and put it in a plastic bag with a good handful of rice (enough to wrap around the mobile). Important: close the bag in such a way that no air enters.
  7. Let the terminal dry for a couple of days. It is important that during this time we do not try to turn it on to see if it works. Time and patience!
  8. After that couple of days, remove the smartphone from the bag of rice, put the battery back and try to turn it on.
  9. If the phone does not turn on, try charging the battery. In case it still does not work, it may be that the battery is broken (you can solve it by buying a new battery). In any case, at this point, it is advisable to take the phone to a professional to review it and can diagnose the problem correctly.
  10. If the phone turns on and it works normally it performs some checks: put music, try the touch screen and make sure everything is in place.

Use water-resistant phones

Use water-resistant phones

Another good way to avoid this type of situation is to get a waterproof mobile phone. We can acquire a rugged phone or off-road phone, terminals specially designed to resist falls and with a high level of protection against dust and water.

In these cases what we have to look at is whether the terminal has IP certification and its degree. The IP value is calculated based on the following:

  • A score of 1 to 6 for its resistance to dust and dirt.
  • A score of 1 to 8 for its resistance to water.

Therefore, an IP68 certified mobile will have the highest levels of resistance to dust, dirt and water. There are some really known mobiles that are water resistants, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, the Sony Xperia Z5, the iPhone 7 or the LG G6.

In summary, none of these methods is infallible. If there has been an internal short circuit or the terminal has been exposed to humidity for too long, nothing can be done, but if you can, before throwing in the towel try one of these methods and cross your fingers. You may like also:

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