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Speaking to Children about their First Mobile Phone

It seems that children are growing up faster nowadays, and one of the things that most parents struggle to navigate is when the inevitable request for a mobile phone comes from their child. Before you Google Vodafone store near me and head off to a shop like this here are some of the things to discuss with your child before they have their own phone…

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Why do they Want a Phone? Asking them about what they want to use their phone for and their expectations is a good way to address anything that they might want to talk about and also for you to make them aware of how you expect the phone to be used.

What would they do if something on your phone upset them? Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with children and phones is the fact that they can be exposed to unpleasant content online, or via cyber bullying. It is important to broach this with them before they have a phone so that they know that they can speak to you about it, and also so that you can look into ways to make the phone more secure for them.

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How will they look after the phone? Phones are expensive and also contain personal data, so talking about how to look after it, as well as ensuring that it is kept safe and protected by passwords and security is important.

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