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Second hand clothing store facts

Second hand clothing store facts: what to consider before opening

Used clothing stores offer potential business owners many advantages over those that sell retail clothing brands since the initial investment costs are much lower than those of a traditional clothing store. Second hand clothing store offers a higher profit margin due to the fact that their inventories are donated or left on consignment instead of purchased.

Second hand clothing store facts

Second hand clothing store facts

Another advantage is that these types of stores tend to thrive during periods of slow economic growth. Although there are more advantages to opening a used clothing store than a traditional store, there are also other considerations that potential owners of these businesses should take into account before opening a second-hand clothing store. Keep reading: TIPS FOR ORGANIZING THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT ACTIVITY

Get to know your clientele

As in any other business, when opening a used clothing store you need to determine which market you want to attack as your main customer. This is important because you are going to design a marketing plan and position your business to have the greatest visibility. In used clothing, you have many options to specialize.

One option is the fashion market that is interested in current trends but is not willing to pay the price of acquiring new clothes. Another alternative is the market for classic designers. Young clients love the bohemian styles of the seventies. Knowing who you want to address helps determine the location of your business and helps you develop an advertising plan.


Second hand clothing store facts

Finding out the demographic composition of the desired area is important before opening a store. You have to remember that you do not have to be confined to a location with a big front. A used clothing business can be online or you can rent a place in the flea market in your area. The Internet option can give you enough capital and the necessary reputation to be able to open a permanent store with a view to the front.


While marketing for a used clothing store does not need to be as aggressive as the strategy of a regular store, it does need to bring customers. It is important to recognize that your customers are important. To save money, try some of the ideas we present to you, how to bring flyers to the local theater, as they may need clothes for a work. Colleges and universities are another possibility to consume used clothing.

Do not forget to make strategies to obtain donations and for your buyers. With the donations, you will recover your inventory. Get in touch with retail stores that may need to get rid of clothes they did not sell in the corresponding seasons.

Business costs

Second hand clothing store facts

If you choose to open a business with doors and walls, you will have to pay rent and pay for services that you must include in your budget. Unless you are planning to do everything by yourself, you should also consider the salary of one or two employees. Employees will also be considered other costs such as unemployment insurance and payroll taxes.

To be able to stock your store at the beginning you will have to buy products in the street markets, garage sales, and other second-hand stores until you can generate a constant flow of donations. You can also consider taking some consignment parts to supplement your inventory. You may also like:

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