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6 tips to spend a great holiday on a budget

  1. Know how to pack your bags

We do it all: fill the suitcase with clothes and end up wearing only half.

  • Travelling light will save on registration fees baggage with airlines and other forms of transport.
  • If you have light luggage, such as a backpack, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are with you and you will not have to pay to store your items.
  • Do not bring toiletries, as many hotels offer them for free.

Travel plane
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  1. Knowing where to stay

Although we all dreamed of infinity pools and luxury spa hotels , the kind of accommodation may considerably shorten your trip due to their cost. If you are planning a trip where you want to see a lot of sites, you will spend the little time in your room.

Choosing the right accommodation can save you a lot of money. The inns are a great choice and are popular in many countries.

  • Shared hosting not only saves money but also reduces the traveler’s and hotel’s carbon footprint.
  • While hostels are very popular among young backpackers, lots of luxury inns that offer private rooms, so you do not have to sacrifice comfort for the cost when choosing an inn .
  • Staying somewhere with a shared room or shared kitchen allows you to connect with other travelers and even get some tips on places to visit (and avoid).
  • In addition, most of the hostels organize their own daily activities and tours offered at low or no cost.
  • Hotels often charge the price of double occupancy even if you are traveling alone. You may want to consider replacing the hotel for a more budget accommodation.
  • If you are staying in a hotel at a good price, be sure to get the Wi-Fi for free . Contact the hotel before booking to be certain they will not charge you access to the Internet.
  1. Knowing where to eat

When traveling, you can avoid overspending your budget on meals by planning a little in advance.

  • Hostels often have shared kitchens, which mean that you can cook many dishes and even share the cost of some ingredients with other travelers.
  • If you are not staying in a hostel, looking for a hosting that offers free breakfast has a kitchenette so you can make your own meals. It is amazing how much you will save by not eating all the meals in a restaurant.
  • When you inevitably eat in a restaurant, you can still save money- you just have to eat like a local . Not only will these dishes likely be delicious, but they will be cheaper than trying to find “western” food.
  • When traveling, know when you should leave a tip for your server and how much you should leave is very important. This will save you from too much or little paying, as well as offend your server.
  • Make sure to bring your own snacks and bottles of water to save on snacks between meals while you are moving.
  1. Know how to get around

How you move from one place to another will affect your travel budget. So it’s a good strategy to have some idea of how you want to travel in terms of transportation.

  • Typically, travel overland via buses and trains offer you the best deal, especially if you are able to book in advance.
  • If you are traveling a long distance train, consider a night train so that you can save on accommodation for one night, en route to your next destination.
  • In a city, walking is obviously the only free way to travel, but many cities have bike-sharing systems or you can buy passes for public transport.
  • Why not push the concept further and go for a hiking trip. Many long distance hiking trails are well-marked and provide inexpensive or free accommodation along the way. Another original and economical idea? A motorcycling !
  • Remember that taxis and all other private transportation services are likely to cost you more. If you take a taxi, make sure to negotiate the price before going up so you do not end up with a big bill.
  1. Know how to entertain

No matter where in the world you go, it will be hard to see absolutely everything, especially if you are trying to save money.

  1. Know how to manage money
  • Pay attention to bank charges and transaction fees abroad. Before leaving home, know what you will pay each time you use your card so that you can take it into account in your budget.
  • Familiarize yourself also with the exchange rate when traveling abroad. Exchanging money in your local bank branch may be a good option for travelers.
  • Get travel insurance. Yes, this is a high amount before a great trip, but if you ever need it, you will be grateful.

It is very exciting to start planning a vacation but there is not much interest in finding a good deal on your flights to end up spending your budget in the early days of the trip. These simple tips will help you make budget choices that still allow you to have a fantastic trip.

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