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5 tactics to get organized in your business

Create a routine and task list to be a productive person and grow your business every day. It is normal to feel like you are playing for defense. How can you make him change things and play for the offense? Try these five effective ways to manage your time and grow your business.

1. Recharge your passion all the time

Maybe you started your passionate business with the idea. But simply managing it can get in your way. Step back and remember why you started in the first place that will help you complete your list faster.

2. Start each day with a to-do list

I loved to do this before leaving the office to go home. I scheduled the most important things in my online calendar to do them first. One study showed that early people tend to work more effectively in the mornings. Many things can happen every day that affects your productivity. I like to finish with the most difficult ones first.

Another trick is to put all the tasks in your online calendar so that alerts you. Each morning, have a cup of coffee and take five minutes to check the earrings. Do not fill your list, put tasks that are possible, remember that other things may arise. Create a list that is handy and lower when you teaches things.

3. Take advantage of social networking shortcuts

Committing to social networking can be a source of distraction, stealing time and productivity. To continue with your earrings, schedule the publications for the entire week. Thanks to a large number of tools like Hoot Suite, Sprout Social or Social Oomph, it is possible to upload and manage publications, tweets, likes, etc.

Your voice on social networks should not be automated. Continuous users will realize this. Schedule actual comments or something that is relevant right now to ensure that you get in touch with your audience.

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4. Set a special time to check the mail

This is one of the biggest black holes of your day. Do not let this task rob you of productivity. Schedule a specific time to read and reply to your email. Try to check it twice a day at the beginning and end of the day. You will be surprised how much you can achieve between these hours. If the phone calls are more frequent than the emails, it means an hour to return these calls. Encourage customers and colleagues to schedule them with you.

5. Program meetings that are productive

Meetings can be time-consuming. For small businesses, it can be very costly in terms of time and labor. Get organized for each meeting; make sure you have a purpose and a strong sense of what it takes to be successful. Do you need feedback from your team or would an email be better? A meeting is a great opportunity to engage in two-way communication such as brainstorming or problem-solving.

Establish a clear structure when creating an agenda. Designate one person to take notes and one who takes the time for everything to have an order. Finally, make sure that those who attend come prepared with the necessary information or tasks assigned for that day.

Although these suggestions seem like simple ideas, the tricky part is to execute them even though so many unexpected things happen in your daily life. It takes discipline to move from defense to offense. Some say it takes 21 days to create a habit. You owe it to yourself to take risks, to help your business grow and make sure it does not disappear.

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