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Important accounting dates that you need to know

If you run a business, you should be aware of several dates in the year when it comes to finances. If you don’t, then you could be running the risk of a fine or the unwanted interest and attention of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. There is one surefire way of making sure this doesn’t happen. Employ the services of Chippendale and Clark, an Accountants Bath based firm. Here are some of the dates you’ll need to know. It’s not a complete list.

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  1. 1st January. When your company Tax year runs until the 31st March, you’ll need to have submitted a Tax return. It doesn’t matter if your company has made no profit or even a loss; you still need to submit a form to the relevant authorities.
  2. 31st January. This is an important date. You need to have your payment on tax for last year to the HMRC by this date. It’s also when you need to have your self-assessment form submitted for the previous fiscal year.
  3. 1st March. This is when you should have your Corporation tax form submitted from the last 12months.
  4. The start of the new tax year is the 4th of April. This is when the Chancellor of the Exchequer announces any changes to the taxation levels.

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These are just those at the start of the year. However, they are some of the most important. To make sure you stay abreast of it all, click on the link above.

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