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cheap wedding decoration ideas

Original cheap wedding decoration ideas: 5 ways to decorate with paper

You will not believe it, but with simple materials, you can get many details for your wedding. Among them stands out the role that, besides being economical and versatile, is easy to work with. Discover the 5 cheap wedding decoration ideas.

Paper, scissors, jealousy, glue, thread and big doses of imagination! That’s all you’ll need to get an impeccable and low-cost wedding decoration. And is that if you are a handyman and you want to include in your link a host of original ideas for weddings, you can get it for very little! Continue reading: WHICH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

The handmade decoration is a trend, because thanks to it both your wedding invitations and any detail of the decoration of the big day may have your most personal touch. So leave for a moment to think about that ideal dress or wedding dress and get your “I” more artistic! How?

5 cheap wedding decoration ideas

cheap wedding decoration ideas

Think of versatile elements, simple to find and, of course, cheap! For example, what do you think of the paper? Being very easy to work with, you can create with it a wide variety of cheap wedding decoration ideas. But if yours are not artistic gifts, do not worry. Among the suppliers of weddings, you will surely discover fantastic options that fit your wishes and budget to the maximum without the need to get down to work. Do you want to discover all the options offered by this material?

  1. Wedding invitation card

cheap wedding decoration ideas

They are made of paper can not only be very useful elements when it comes to combating the heat that usually accompanies the links that are held in the warmer months of the year but also you can customize them to your liking. They will be the most! But, in addition to these functions, how can you turn them into decorative elements? Very easy. Place them inside wicker baskets or wooden boxes, surround them with endless flowers and leave these original gifts for weddings at the entrance of the ceremony. In addition to beautiful, with this simple gesture, you will get access to the romantic stage is perfect for very little.

  1. Paper Cones

cheap wedding decoration ideas

As the white in the princess cut wedding dresses, the paper cones have become a classic in the decoration of a wedding. And inside is the traditional rice – or aromatic herbs, flower petals or confetti, for example – that your guests will throw you after the “yes, I want.” Also, they are easy to make and, in its preparation, you can select the type of paper you want: from craft paper to sheet music or colored paper. Any choice will triumph among your guests!

And how can you make these cones part of the decoration of the wedding? As in the previous idea, you should simply place them at the entrance to the ceremony site, either inside a little basket, a flower pot or even hanging them with tweezers from a nice wall. You will see that the result is fantastic.

  1. Pompoms and strips of tissue paper

cheap wedding decoration ideas

The tissue paper pompoms are a trend in bridal decoration for several years. Because of its simplicity when it comes to working with them and their ease in acquiring one form or another, this type of material is one of the favorites of the couple to wear the “yes, I want” scenario. It is also an economical material. What more could you want? If you get married in a garden, for example, you can make some tissue paper pompons part of the decoration of the banquet chairs. In the same way, bet on cutting this type of paper in strips of colors and create small corners with them. What do you think about hanging pictures of these silk strips or creating a background for your ideas? Try it! I’m sure you fall in love.

  1. Garlands

cheap wedding decoration ideas

In the shape of a heart, lace or the classic triangle, the garlands will be perfect to wear any link, especially the most casual style celebrations. If you want to give an original and festive atmosphere to your wedding, be sure to include an endless array of colorful garlands! Place them in the area where you are going to celebrate the nuptial feast, after the banquet, and give a unique touch to your “yes, I want.” They will be perfect with your ideas for the candy bar, for example!

Although if you celebrate a link of the vintage essence, do not believe that the garlands will not fit wonderfully on your stage. They will do it! Yes, bet on something simple and less flashy. A garland of lace as part of the signage of your ceremony or banquet will achieve a magical result.

  1. Origami figurinescheap wedding decoration ideas

Still, do not know the latest in decoration with paper? We present it to you! It’s about decorating different scenarios or corners with paper figures. How? With origami or origami, art that consists in folding the paper to obtain figures of different forms, many of which could be considered as paper sculptures. You may like also:

This ancient art of Japanese origin has reached the bridal scene stomping. And although you will need some practice for its preparation, a decoration with origami will put the finishing touch to your already wonderful wedding scene. If you want a romantic style link with a lot of personalities, do not doubt it!

As you can see in the cheap wedding decoration ideas, achieving a fantastic decoration for very little is possible! You will simply need to put everything on your part. That is, in the same way, that you will spend time choosing the wedding dress, hiring the best wedding suppliers or choosing the best wedding details for your guests. Dedicate it to the decoration of your connection. With dedication and some imagination, you will not leave anyone indifferent!

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