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Stand Out in a Crowd

How does one stand out in a crowd of almost 800 million? It’s not an easy feat, would probably take a team of people with considerable expertise and probably wouldn’t happen overnight. We’re not talking about a person though, we’re talking about your website. If you want a successful business, then you need an online presence. Not just any online presence though, one that is strong enough to attract visitors and keep them there. The internet makes fickle customers. Site takes too long to load? Navigation confusing? Then your split-second opportunity to grab that customer is lost forever.

What you need is a web design team who can give you the best chance at online success. For Swansea Web Design, Acent ADC are a Swansea web design agency with tons of experience in how to create successful websites.

Here are some things a web design team will be looking to achieve:

  1. Simplicity

By simplicity, we mean easy to use but definitely not basic. Your visitors need to find the information they seek quickly and without fuss, intuitively understanding how your site works and where to go next. This means easy navigation, clear and concise text, no jargon, obvious calls to action and a conversational tone. Your site should look great and feel great to use.

  1. Brand Consistency

Successful sites have a strong brand consistency across the entire site. Everything must be on point, from the typography to the layout. Think about the kind of user experience your brand wants to reflect and incorporate this into all design elements of your site. All pages should have the same feel, ethos and atmosphere. No matter which page your customer lands on, they should know where they are by the branding.

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  1. Authentic

Having original content and unique ideas is crucial for your website. The more creative the site, the more you’ll stand out. Use innovative scrolling or unusual themes for your product. Images that jump out and stick in the memory are also vital, as so much of what humans perceive is image and vision related. Powerful backgrounds, interesting use of colour and graphics are further methods used to create an original site.

  1. User-Friendly

Design your site for the human eye, just as you should create content to be read and not just to satisfy search engine optimisation. A site made for the end user is easy to navigate, good contrast between background colour and text, mobile phone optimised, quick loading, short but informative headline, complementing images and a clear value statement stating exactly what problem you can solve for the customer. Creating a site that’s great for users, not search engines is the goal. You will find that a design which satisfies customers, will evolve into one which is good for search engines and you as well.

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