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Seven 2017 Fashion Trends Best Left Behind

Some amazing things came out of 2017, such as Harry and Megan’s engagement and the iPhone X, but some truly terrible fashions also emerged. Which of these do we want to leave in last year? Read on to find out.

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Bum Bags

They were bad last time, and they’re worse this time. Just because Chanel embraced them, it doesn’t mean you should.

Cycling Shorts

As seen on Kim Kardashian. Very few of us, however, can don a pair of white cycling shorts and not look in any way ready to leave the house. Let’s all just pretend that KKW didn’t do this and leave it in last year.

Meaningless Slogans

Graphics tees with funny slogans used to be the ultimate in casual clothing. But last year they just got ridiculous, with most of the ones we saw having no real meaning at all! Stick to tees which are either funny or profound or advertise a good cause. Otherwise, get rid.

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Weird Jeans

The thing with jeans is that they are at their best when kept simple or classic. Too many zips, too many rips and any patches at all just ruin the look. This small 2017 trend will hopefully not make its way in to 2018.

Tiny Crop Tops

Crop tops are bad enough for most of us who aren’t a size zero, but 2017’s absolutely teeny crop tops just took it to the extreme. These new ‘belts’ were designed to show under-boob as well as top-boob. This may have looked all right on Kylie Jenner, but not on the rest of us.


Another Kardashian-endorsed item, the dreaded corset, worn over a shirt, is a terrible item to accessorize properly and also, let’s be honest, pretty darn uncomfortable too. Forget about this trend as fast as you learned about it.

Bardot Tops and Dresses

Unlike the aforementioned trends, there’s nothing actually wrong with bardot tops and bardot dresses (they can be hugely flattering on the right shapes), but they have most definitely been done to death in 2017. 2018 is the time to start covering your shoulders again. Make your own dress next year instead by purchasing dressmaking fabric from an online retailer such as

These terrible trends from 2017 will hopefully be forgotten about. Roll on 2018.

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