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7 more signs that your business website isn’t yet search optimised

Search engine optimisation is a skill that can turn an overlooked website into a high-ranking market-leader; however, not all sites are thoroughly optimised. What are the signs that show more work is needed?

7 more signs that your business website isn't yet search optimised

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Search rank

If your pages are ranking below those of your closest competitors on Google’s SERPs, you are clearly not handling SEO as well as you could. A whole range of causes may be responsible for this state of affairs, but being able to identify that there are issues in the first place is a good start.


If the URL of a page does not feature the keywords targeted in the content, the search ranking will suffer. Modern publishing platforms make it easy to add keywords to URLs, so this can easily be overcome.

Page load speed

A site can look great and offer informative, unique content in spades; however, unless the pages load quickly, your other SEO efforts will be wasted. Google offers a dedicated tool for testing page load speed, making pinpointing this problem easy.

Mobile friendliness

Google, Bing and other search engines now factor in whether a page is mobile friendly when ranking it, specifically for mobile search results. Failing to embrace mobile-friendly, responsive design has left plenty of sites in a weaker position.

7 more signs that your business website isn't yet search optimised2

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While copying and pasting content from other sites and sources may be a tempting shortcut to take, this is how to commit SEO suicide. Address this by only using unique, professionally-written copy on your pages, as Google’s algorithms can instantly detect any instances of plagiarism.


Websites can become stagnant if they are not regularly updated, especially if you have a fixed number of pages that rarely need to be changed. Adding a blog to your site can fix this problem. If you do not have one, now is the time to jump on the blogging bandwagon. Companies that provide web design in Belfast, such as, can ease the integration of new elements such as blogs.


The user experience of your site needs to be intuitive, fluid and fast. If this is not the case, your visitors will quickly leave and never return; in addition, Google will deem your UX less than adequate, quashing your ability to rise up the search rankings.


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