Valuable tips to repair your car like new

To ensure that your car will be well repaired, look at our fine points that will make the difference between a good job and the return to the workshop. When we talk about repairs, the first thing that comes to mind is a shock. Because it is the most common cause for which our car visits the repair shop and paint shop.

However, this is not the only reason. After some years in our vehicle will be exposed to overloads, slamming doors, bullets of children who used the street as a sports field or an overexposure to the sun no longer shine as before. It’s time to give a cat’s hand, but now comes the most complicated.

Find a good workshop

Find a good workshop
Car workshop

The usual thing is that we ask among our acquaintances who recommend us a good workshop and, within the options we find from a small one that has the elementary tool to repair your car, up to the agencies that have all the available technology to leave it as new. The difference results in quality and price.

According to the latest figures from the Experimentation and Road Safety Center, there are more than 29,000 tin and paint workshops. It only 10 percent has the right conditions to do the work. While the rest do not comply with the rules, diminishing our pocket and then we must go to a specialized workshop to fix all the damage.

When a car has a damage to its structure (product of a crash) and it is incorrectly fixed it affects the safety of the vehicle. The tires don’t fit correctly, the car does not go well. It pulls on one side or vibrates the steering wheel. If we arrive to have another accident the structure of the car will no longer protect us as it did before the first incident.

For this reason, it is very important that when choosing a workshop. We should make sure that people are trained, have the right tools. It is a place that offers us a guarantee for their work, not just think about how much they will charge us. We must also take into account that the more specialized the place, the greater the cost of composure, but it could last longer.

Steering wheel
Steering wheel

We recommend that before making a decision let’s see how they have the place. If it is clean it is an indication that it works in order and correctly there.

Another fine point will be to observe the quality of the work, what tools are using and how to repair. This way you will find out if they know what they are doing or only repair trial and error.

After this quick analysis, you will have to approach the person in charge and make an inspection of your car and give you a diagnostic sheet detailing the repairs that will be done to your car, the cost of each one, as well as the time it will take to do it.

If you do not, you’d better forget about it, since you may suddenly increase the cost and repairs to “make it better.”

One of the most important areas and in which you should pay special attention is in the painting. Remember the saying “how they see you are treated” and the first thing your car will show is its color and its brightness.

So that you do not notice that you repainted it. It is important that the workshop of your choice has a cabin. If it is done outdoors, there is a risk that dust particles or impurities from the environment will stick to the paint layer and the finish will look ugly.

How to apply the paint has many complications?

It may be blasted, of a different color, the shine may run out over time or even stains may be seen in the paint, which is why it is very important that the people who do it are trained on the ways to do it.

If you have doubts about how they perform this process, ask the manager to show you their technique and explain how you paint so that you are totally convinced. Does the indecision continue? Better look for another place where you feel more comfortable.

Another of the options that approach us to listen to the training that they give to the delegations. The more knowledge you have of the processes, you can be more demanding and you will avoid being caught in a hare.

Choice of a mechanical workshop

Choice of a mechanical workshop

The partner of life

Find a workshop that offers quality in your work, not just an affordable price. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more than to be coming back every so often to fix a problem that came up over time or worse than not being responsible for your work.

Say no to the informal

Informality in this country is daily bread, but choosing it gives rise to being cheated or defrauded. Better ask for your budget in writing, it will give you greater guarantee that they will respect the agreement in the beginning.

Stay tuned

If after all this, you decide to go to a micro taller, it is recommended that you follow closely the repair process of your vehicle. Every third day or every week (depending on the agreed time) take a tour to see your progress and, if you are not satisfied with a job, ask for it to be fixed. Not by choosing an option that is more accessible to your needs, you have to accept badly done things.

Check our section of the Automotive, where you will find the best tips and recommendations to take care of your car.

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