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Using fabric for wall art

The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about fabrics for home design is soft furnishings.

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Typically, we think of living room curtains and upholstery, bedroom linens, cushions and throws for the bedroom, and bathroom roller blinds, bathmats and towels. But there are more ways that fabrics can be incorporated into interior design, and fabrics are surprisingly inexpensive, effective, and easy to swap and change.

Bold statements in the living area

Search the internet and you’ll find plenty of blogs like, with creative ideas on how to create fabric decorations to give your home a unique and distinct look. From macram√© wall hangings to bold prints stretched over a canvas, fabric accessories can create the perfect finishing touch to your room. Fabric can also make a great substitute for wallpaper, too, bringing a different texture and ambience to your living space.

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The artistically gifted among us might want to create our own designs, but it’s possible too, to have your own choice of design, including photos, printed directly onto the fabric.

Personalise your bathroom

Customising your fabric designs doesn’t have to be limited to the living and bedroom areas, either. If you’re looking for something unique for your bathroom, bathroom roller blinds from UC Blinds and similar outlets offer a customised option to digitally print photos onto your bathroom roller blinds.

Customise your bedroom

With digital photo printing, why not create a personalised theme for the bedroom? Whether it’s a canvas print of a cherished wedding photo, or a full wall covering depicting your favourite scenic view, photos on fabric can set the atmosphere for a room. Bringing together matching wall coverings, cushion and headboard covers, as well as curtains and throws with your own designs can also work as a great alternative for styling kids’ bedrooms in exactly the way that they want it – especially when the themes they want are just impossible to find.

Keeping versatile

What’s great about using fabric for your interior design is that it’s washable and interchangeable. Redecorating a room is a big undertaking, something most of us only do once every few years. But swapping your roller blinds, curtains, cushions and wall hangings can transform the look of a room in less than an hour, giving your home a fresh feel every time.

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