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Going Back in Time – Interior Design Goes Back to the Past

Many people who are wanting to spruce up their home interiors are starting to look to the past for inspiration, as retro styles going back to the 70s and beyond are starting to come back into fashion once again.

Now is the time where it is time to say goodbye to the modern minimalist open plan look that has been around for so long, and now we can once again start to embrace textured wallpaper with bold designs, a vintage style sofa like this and shagpile rugs that bring warmth and texture to the home.

Of course fashion comes and goes in cycles, but whilst we have seen minimalistic chic styles prevailing for years, with light tones and the feeling of light and vast open spaces ruling the roost for what feels like a long time now.              However, now fans of separate rooms and darker colours can now rejoice as we are seeing a return to those sorts of styles once more.

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Often darker colours can be something that people are fearful of putting onto their walls, as for years the light bright and airy look has been promoted, however, something that shocks people is not only the fact that they like it but also the fact that deep colours can also help a room to feel more cosy.

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Adding in features like wooden cladding and wooden furniture also helps, as we wave goodbye to the sleek chrome styles of the early years of this century in favour of going back to a more comfortable and homely place.

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