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Choose folding furniture for camping and home

With the arrival of spring, we begin to see the options we have to enjoy the outdoors. Today we present some tips to choose the practical folding furniture that we can use both in the garden of our house, and when we go camping or hiking. There are all kinds of chairs, chairs, tables and folding furniture of quality and excellent decorative finishes that will allow us to take with us the comfort of home wherever we go.

Features to consider in folding furniture

folding furniture

This line of products has been refined over time and now we can find quality folding furniture designed to last. Folding furniture like the Crespo brand that offers us great comfort and great benefits. The quality is also noted in the durability. Having a quality camping furniture we can have the guarantee that it will not leave us lying down when we need it most. Equipment that we can demand continuous use for many years. Continue reading: ENERGY SAVING TIPS TO KEEP THE HOUSE IN GOOD CONDITION

To do this, look for furniture that has been careful with the choice of materials and their design . The furniture made in highly resistant aluminum stands out for being a lightweight material that offers great durability. These materials allow resisting normally between 100 and 140 kg of weight, although reinforced furniture can also be arranged that supports up to 200 kg of weight and that is a little wider.


folding furniture

The fabrics must also be resistant, breathable and washable. They also have to be able to withstand outdoor use, especially UV rays that cause materials to age and lose strength. It must also be resistant to chemical agents so that they do not lose properties in the event of accidental spills. So that each piece of furniture is prepared for the functions it will receive. For example, a folding table must have a surface that is resistant to scratches and high temperatures preventing the surface from spoiling when we support a hot kitchen utensil.


folding furniture

Being able to have furniture that gives us comfort wherever we go is a luxury that is available thanks to this practical furniture. This furniture must have an ergonomic design for a comfortable rest. Having a careful design to the last detail is also important for its maintenance. There are brands such as Crespo that have special screws for quick and safe assembly and disassembly.

To make transport easy, they must be lightweight and occupy very little space. In this way, we can have chairs or stools that can weigh only 1 kg. While the chairs can be around 2 kg and the reclining chairs between 3 and 5 kg. When folded down, these pieces of furniture are reduced to only 8 to 12 cm wide. Allowing transport and storage easily without occupying much space. These also make them ideal to have a decoration in the garden of our house. So that we can easily pick up without needing to occupy the space of our garden or a lot of storage space.

Types of folding furniture

folding furniture

There are all kinds of folding furniture depending on our needs. Thanks to the full range of options available such as that offered by the Crespo brand, we can count on furniture adapted to our needs both in the garden of our house and when we go on an outdoor excursion.

To seat us, it has everything from the lightest stools to the most conventional chairs. For the beach, it has special low profile chairs that allow us to rest without worries on the sand. If we want furniture for more rest, we have recumbent reclining chairs or hammocks or beds that allow us to rest comfortably.

We can also count on other types of folding furniture that allow us to cover all our needs, such as the essential tables to eat comfortably in the field, as well as small cabinets, or storage furniture. You might also like:

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