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The Ultimaker 3

The Ultimaker 3 is a 3D printer that allows simultaneous use of two materials in our creations

One trend in recent years is which refers to the use of 3D printers. The first time I had contact with them was 4 years in the booth of Nokia at MWC in Barcelona. A model exposed there used to create shells for their mobile and since then much has happened and much has changed.

The latest printer of its kind to hit the market was the 3D printer Ultimaker 3, a printer type open source from a manufacturer that has a very good reputation in this regard. A 3D printer is no longer strange to see in a home either.

The Ultimaker 3
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There are fewer reliability problems in this type of product, a lack of reliability that was reflected between the product developed and finally out of the printer. And this is something that has solved the Ultimaker 3, which is positioned as an advanced 3D printer.

It highlights the inclusion of new features such as double extruder with which we will have more printing options through the use of two materials simultaneously, resulting in that sense equal material and color used in both compounds.

He also added the active leveling of bed, something that will allow the printer can be set so automatically. A novelty that joins the intelligent detection of materials thanks to NFC tags.

In addition we will be able to remotely access via Wi-Fi or Ethernet with an integrated print server. A total control because we have a camera in one of its corners to control any problems that may arise during printing.

The Ultimaker 3 includes nozzles 0.40mm, offering a resolution of 200 to 20 microns and can reach temperatures of 180 to 280° C. As may be used up to two materials at a time, these are compatible with different types of materials including nylon, PLA, ABS, PVA or CPE.

And so it is always up to date, the company has introduced the new version of its firmware, Cura 2.3. A free update seeks to improve the control and expand the possibilities for using the printer.

Price and Availability

The Ultimaker 3 is available in two versions, differing only in print volume with prices ranging from 3,020 dollars to the lower model and 3,720 dollars for the top, both with VAT not included. If you are interested, you can already reserve one, but not begin shipping until November.

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