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The art of preparing a table to receive in 5 steps

  1. Table linen

Choose the table linen according to the occasion for which you receive, and harmonize it with dishes, cutlery, and glasses.

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  • The tablecloth should protrude 25 to 30cm on each side of the table. You can protect the latter with a padded underlay, which will also prevent the tablecloth from slipping.
  • A white sheet leaves an infinite freedom. You can cover it with a colorful table runner or decorate it with ribbons.
  • Table sets will be suitable for a more relaxed decoration after preparing the party.
  • If you are using more than one table – on a very long table, for example – make sure that the edges overlap perfectly.
  • The towels are placed on the plate or on the left of it. Slip them in around or fold them nicely.
  • Use creativity to make original napkin rings a raffia tie covered with herbs, flowers or leaves, silk ribbons, crepe paper …
  1. Dishes and Cutlery
  • Settlements place about 1cm from the edge of the table. The distance between two plates must be 60 to 80cm, the measurement being made from the middle of the plates.
  • To the right of the plate there must be no more than four covers; To the left, not more than three.
  • The dessert covers always place on the top of the plate, horizontally. The handle of the dessert fork will be turned to the left; The handle of the spoon, to the right. If you are serving fresh fruit at the end of the meal, replace the spoon with a dessert knife.
  • The bread plate on the left of the main plate, with a small butter knife.
  • Leverless put on the top of the plate, in the order in which they will be used.
  1. Table cards and menus

The decoration should not interfere with good communication between the guests, but instead, contribute to creating a pleasant and festive atmosphere.

  • The cardboard boxes are placed above the plate. They can be decorated with drawings, photos or flowers that you have harmonized with the party decoration of the table. Again, one can find a bunch of original ideas, like writing the names of guests on stones or icing sugar on cookies.
  • For birthday snacks, write the names of small guests with letter-shaped biscuits or small colored candies.
  • Menus will be written primarily for formal occasions. In a more intimate setting, they can integrate into the decoration and be carried away by the guests as a souvenir. Why not imagine them round, oval or triangular, or decorations matching those of the invitation?
  • If your guests are numerous, you can write the menu in chalk on a blackboard or on a large sheet of paper.
  1. Flowers and candles
  • Choose flowers according to the season and style of the meal. The bouquets should not be too high, as this would prevent guests from seeing or discussing freely.
  • Instead of a large bouquet, which must be removed at the time of the meal, sprinkle the table of petals or arrange several small floral compositions. Scattered flowers or foliage which are well preserved, like long branches of ivy, will be of the most beautiful effect.
  • The spark plugs must be stable, in order not to overturn. Place them on a rack or on paper towels to avoid wax dripping on the tablecloth.
  • For a large table, consider tea candles in pretty table candlesticks or in small decorative lanterns.
  • Multicolored glass pebbles, walnuts, mandarins will bring the finishing touch to a lovely table.
  • On each plate, place a little surprise in chocolate, to remind the circumstances of the meal: an Easter egg, a Santa Claus, a little heart …
  1. Seasonal keys

For a rural decoration, you will find in nature everything you need to make a beautiful table.

  • In autumn, collect colored leaves, bugs, and chestnuts, nuts, squash or rosehips.
  • In the spring and summer, decorate the table with green branches, narcissus, tulips, field flowers, herbs or moss.

Receive in any season without stress thanks to the following tips: your table will be delightful and your guests will only have nice compliments to make you. Good reception.

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