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Five must-have accessories for your new bathroom

For many people, the pressures of everyday life can leave them needing a relaxing place to recuperate and escape from it all.

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More and more we are seeing the rise in regal, luxurious style home design. This is because people are seeking sanctuary in the confines of their homes and trying to do all they can to make them desirable and relaxing places to be. The bathroom – a room once associated with functionality rather than style – is a key place to unwind, and according to John Gray Constructions spending is increasing on bathroom renovations.

But when it comes to interior design, little extras can often be the perfect finish to a re-styled room. Which accessories do you need to turn your bathroom into a tranquil oasis?

Mirror mirror

Most bathrooms have mirrors but think outside of the box with yours rather than just opting for a standard cabinet mirror. A large mirror with a regal frame gives a sense of opulence and will also give the illusion of more light and space in a room that tends to be on the smaller side.

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Flooring and walls can be easy to overlook but these are key elements in any room and often act as an anchor that brings the room together. Ditch the old lino in favour of ceramic or porcelain.

Walls and panels

Opt for fresh 8mm shower glass panels and team your tiling with your flooring.

Keep it clean

There’s little point spending money on a renovation if you don’t look after it. 8mm shower glass panels won’t look great if they are left to go streaky and mould build up in your grouting is a sure fire way to bring a room down. Invest in damp proofing materials and don those rubber gloves regularly to keep your bathroom sparkling.

A heated towel rail

A heated towel rail will add a touch of class to your bathroom as well as heating it and keeping your towels toasty warm, ready for when you hop out of the shower on those cold winter mornings. A simple yet functional accessory, your rail can either be plumbed into the heating system or bought as a stand-alone, electric unit to use as and when needed.

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