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home teeth whitening

The best methods of home teeth whitening at home

Over time, the enamel of teeth loses its whiteness, and the natural color is often far from perfect. It can have a yellowish, grayish or bluish tinge. And I want everyone to be the owner of a snow-white smile. Surely, you at least once thought about how to whiten your teeth at home.

In dentistry, there are many technologies as possible to whiten teeth without harm, so doctors are very skeptical about the methods of traditional medicine. Today you will find out which products have bleaching properties, helping to quickly, efficiently and safely return natural whiteness. Also in this article, you will find the best recipes for teeth whitening products and an interesting video.

3 Folk methods of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with folk remedies at home is the choice of so many people who do not have the means and opportunities to consult a dentist. For this, products and substances are used, which are usually found in every house, so additional costs will not be required. Then you can whiten your teeth? Let’s look at the recipes of the most popular folk remedies.

Activated charcoal

Tablets of this absorbent are used not only for their intended purpose. You can find more on activated charcoal reviews that people were found many ways to use: for weight loss, skin cleansing, and dental care. This method can be attributed to mechanical cleaning methods, since grinding the tablet produces an abrasive powder that removes all the dirt remarkably.

You can simply brush your teeth with a powder or mix it with a little paste. There is no need to wait for a quick effect, but after about a month you will notice that the teeth are white. To whiten your teeth at home without harm with activated charcoal, you can clean only once a week.

Hydrogen peroxide

This substance is a part of most of the teeth whitening products at home, so it is deservedly considered one of the best. The system of clarification of the enamel is very simple.

  • Brush your teeth with regular paste.
  • In half a glass of water, dilute 30 drops of 3% of the drug and rinse the mouth with the resulting solution.
  • Dip the cotton swab into undiluted peroxide and treat it with teeth from all sides.
  • Wait just a few minutes and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

The procedure for safe teeth whitening at home using peroxide should be repeated twice a day until the desired result is achieved. The effect will appear quite quickly Рin a week you will be able to notice the first changes. Do not increase the exposure time or frequency of procedures, if you do not want to get a burn of mucous membranes and increased sensitivity of the teeth. Keep reading

Lemon juice

If you are looking for a way to whiten your teeth at home using only natural products, then definitely try the lemon-based recipe in action. It contains a huge amount of ascorbic acid, which easily cleaves pigments. There are different recipes that contain lemon juice.

  • Apply a slice of lemon to your teeth and hold it for a while. There can be unpleasant sensations, which is quite natural. After the procedure, rinse your mouth to get rid of acid residues. Use this method every day is not recommended, it is enough only once a week.
  • To clean not only the outer side but also the interdental space, you can chew a slice of lemon together with a crust.
  • There is a recipe for use every day. In a regular paste, add a little juice and use it every morning.

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