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Try not to eat them all

Summer is here and along with it comes the long school summer break. As a parent you always start the holidays off with the best of intentions and plan out what you are going to do with the children each day but as the weeks go by it can sometimes become harder and harder to think of things to do, especially if you are also working in a full-time job.

One staple activity that you can involve your children in during the summer holidays is fruit picking. With a little bit of forward planning you can actually enjoy this activity throughout most of the year.  This is definitely a must if you have fruit loving children. If your child is the first to order squash or fruit juice from a restaurant or pub – much like the Post Mix Juices supplied by then they will love spending a few hours picking their own favourite fruits. The challenge is stopping them from eating them all before you get to the weighing counter!

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Here is a list of the fruits you can expect to find depending on the season:

  • Strawberries – probably one of the nation’s favourite berries. You can find them available to pick from May to around September depending on the variety of the plant. The peak season for Strawberries is from June to July.
  • Blueberries – another popular berry particularly with younger children these are ready to pick from late May to around early August. Again, this very much depends on the variety that is being grown.
  • Raspberries – a must have berry in a summer fruit salad or even better with a meringue and some cream. You can pick these berries from June to August. Remember than most varieties have small spiky thorns on them so take care with young children or look for pick your own farms that use a thorn-less variety.
  • Apples – if you are an apple lover and want to experience picking your own then you will have to wait until later in the summer season. Apples are usually ready to pick anytime from September through until late October, early November.
  • Plums – interesting although a tree-based fruit, plums are ripe and ready to enjoy much earlier than apples and can picked between July and August. Just in time for you to go back out again and pick the apples.

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There are just some of the fruits that you can enjoy as a pick your own variety, but the list is almost endless and don’t forget most pick your own farms also cater for choosing your own vegetables in the Autumn and Spring seasons. So, after you enjoy all your fruit why not take the children down to pick their own pumpkin for Halloween?

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