The adventures of a Doctor Quincy.

Quincy M.E. is one of the longest running medical dramas in television history which first began life as part of a rotational show called Sunday Mystery Movie. This also featured another great detective Columbo. It soon became clear that Quincy ( and Columbo) warranted their own series. Image credit The series ran for 148 episodes.  […]

What are irrigation systems

If you have ever wondered if there is a quicker way to water your garden you are probably thinking of something like an irrigation system. The system automatically delivers water to the various plants that you have in your garden. It is important when you design a water irrigation system to think about the direction […]

Three Fascinating and Scenic Historical Walks in Roscommon

For a place to enjoy peace and quiet, within a stone’s throw of Irelands beautiful countryside, head to Roscommon. Within Roscommon itself, there are all the facilities that you need – from pubs and restaurants to all the shops you would need like this Vodafone Roscommon store If you are after places to walk […]