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The adventures of a Doctor Quincy.

Quincy M.E. is one of the longest running medical dramas in television history which first began life as part of a rotational show called Sunday Mystery Movie. This also featured another great detective Columbo. It soon became clear that Quincy ( and Columbo) warranted their own series.

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The series ran for 148 episodes.  This is quite a considerable achievement for an American television show. The series started in 1976 and ended in 1983. It followed a similar format to other detective shows.  A murder is discovered that only Dr Quincy with his medical skills was able to figure out who it was that did it.  Along the way he would generally clash with the police,  who he was supposed to be employed by. Eventually some common ground was found. In many cases Quincy was the one who was able to solve the case without any convincing help whatsoever from the police, making them look and a bit foolish.

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This detective work still meant that the need for Medical Indemnity was required by Quincy and would have  needed to make a call to MPRS. Malpractice issues affect medical people if they’re not careful so it’s good to be prepared and have something as backup.

One of the many interesting things about Quincy was that he lived on a boat. It might be an unusual choice of home for a doctor but he seems to enjoy the relaxing feeling that it brings him.

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