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Three Fascinating and Scenic Historical Walks in Roscommon

For a place to enjoy peace and quiet, within a stone’s throw of Irelands beautiful countryside, head to Roscommon. Within Roscommon itself, there are all the facilities that you need – from pubs and restaurants to all the shops you would need like this Vodafone Roscommon store If you are after places to walk and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding area, here are a few places that you will love…

The National Famine Way – Taking in the history of Ireland as well as the beautiful area, this is a great place to start. Start off by visiting the National Famine Museum, where you will learn all about the horrors of the famine and how it affected the people who lived through it. You will also walk along the beautiful Royal Canal, ending at the replica of one of the ships that were used to transport people to America who wished to escape the terrible famine.

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Lung Lough Gara Way – Walk through rolling fields, across hills and through bogland on this walk in the footsteps of the Irish Chieftain O’Sullivan Beare and his loyal supporters. You will see many historical monuments along the way – from Iron Age forts to the remains of an ancient castle as well as the beautiful Lough Gara.

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Loughnaneane Sculpture Trail – Delve deep into Irish history on this trail and discover the ancient Irish gods, goddesses and heroes. Sculptures show many of these figures, from Queen Maeve of Connaught to the mighty Hero Cuchulainn. The park itself is stunning and contains the ruins of the Roscommon castle.

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