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Different ways you can leave a job

When it comes to leaving a job there are a number of ways that you can let your employer know that you are moving on to pastures new. Some of these ways put you in control of the decision and others can see your employer deciding to terminate your contract of employment.

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Resigning – if you decide to resign from your job it is likely that you have probably found a new position that is either going to pay you more money or is going to be more suitable for the long-term career aspirations that you have. Resigning from a job usually requires you to provide written notice to your employer and giving a set period of time for your notice period.

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Sabbatical – a sabbatical may be taken from your current role if you are looking for an extended period of time off either to take part in research studies that are related to your chosen career or perhaps to spend some time volunteering for a cause close to your heart. A sabbatical has to be agreed with your employer in advance.

Dismissal – You may find that your employer dismisses you from your current role for a number of reasons. Have to be legitimate and related to capability in fulfilling your job role. If this is not the case an employer can find a Constructive Dismissal Claim being filed against them on behalf of the employee. A company such as may be used to do this.

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