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Problems that can occur with your laptop

Laptops are incredibly useful and they have allowed many people to work in a more agile and flexible way. They have been one of the many reasons that people have been able to switch so quickly to working from home during the course of the pandemic.

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Like any piece of equipment, laptops can experience issues and you might need to work with a Laptop Repair Gloucester company like to rectify any problems.

Here are some of the more common issues that can occur with your laptop.

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Slow speed – there are occasions when it can feel like your laptop is taking forever to power up or to open programs and files. This could be due to the number of files that you have on your systems and there are ways that you can improve its performance by removing unwanted files or storing more items in the cloud.

Battery – if the battery on your laptop doesn’t last very long, is taking longer to charge or doesn’t work at all you might need to think about getting a new battery installed. There are also energy-saving modes that you can use on the laptop to help increase the length of battery use.

Wifi connections – on occasions you can find that your laptop has issues connected to wifi networks. It is important to check that you haven’t inadvertently turned aeroplane mode on and then check the wifi drivers.

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