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Video call WhatsApp

Video call WhatsApp: never tried to make one?

A function that is highly requested and acclaimed by the immense public application for instant messaging: and have you ever made a video call WhatsApp? No more need for presentations the mythical WhatsApp, the application dedicated to the exchange of messages that has long knocked down the wall of 1 billion active users on a monthly basis:   even those who do not use a phone of the latest generation, but a simple cell phone, now he knows WhatsApp and its dynamics of operation.

What is Video call WhatsApp?

Video call WhatsApp

It is impossible, in fact, to ignore the existence of a mammoth application like WhatsApp, which has managed to gradually creep into our lives thanks to the practicality of use, diffusion, and free character of the service, but from the beginning until today it has passed of water under the bridges for the IM app. Continue reading: INSTAGRAM LAUNCHES IGTV(INSTAGRAM TV): A NEW VIDEO EXPERIENCE

Born with the aim of facilitating written communication between two interlocutors – zeroing the cost of every single message sent via SMS and exploiting, however, a connection to the internet – today WhatsApp has really come a long way and has evolved to attract the interest of the leader of social networks.

In fact, it is now almost 5 years since the company Zuckerberg (read Facebook Inc.) has got its hands on the greedy WhatsApp and, after the cancellation of the fee and the introduction of calls, there was nothing to introduce the video call WhatsApp, to make the application really complete from every point of view.

In the beginning were the phone calls

The first real sign of evolution from the simple objective of facilitating written communication was the one that saw the muted activation of calls on WhatsApp, with an upgrade not included in an update but received by users during a progressive rollout of the function.

Since that time, the WhatsApp team has continued to work tirelessly to perfect the service, up to an appreciable quality of the audio in conditions of good connection stability.

Despite this, still many people prefer alternatives to WhatsApp, both to exchange messages and to make VoIP calls: it is a great example of the timeless Skype or the beloved FaceTime of Apple but, in the meantime, WhatsApp is able to gain ground every day that passes.

How do you do video call WhatsApp?

Video call WhatsApp

Even though we have more expensive smartphones in our pockets, the amount of memory seems never to be enough, so:

Why install 2 or 3 applications when I can have everything with WhatsApp?

To date the workhorses of WhatsApp are:

  • Sending free text messages (personalized with emoji or GIF);
  • Sending photos, images, and videos;
  • Sharing the position in real time;
  • Sending documents;
  • Free calls;
  • Free video calls.

The only requirements are to keep WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, and to enjoy a good quality internet connection. But if you have the opportunity to take advantage of a powerful WiFi is always better!

After all, do you want to put the convenience of having all these services by installing a single application?

WhatsApp manages to offer the convenience of exploiting it to keep in touch with relatives and friends, either by writing the most varied text messages, but also by calling, or by looking through the screen of the smartphone who is on the other side of the video call.

How to make a video call WhatsApp

Video call WhatsApp

Note: with high probability, there is no need for a guide for most of the readers of this blog to start a video call on WhatsApp, which is actually dedicated to the many readers who have requested it. In addition, this simple guide could help all those people not yet practical technology (and even less than smartphones), who are just starting out and want to get comfortable as soon as possible with all the fantastic opportunities of WhatsApp.

So we come to the most pragmatic part of the question: how do you make a video call WhatsApp?

Making a video call on WhatsApp is a disarming facility, and if you have a bit of curiosity about this application I bet you’ve already discovered the operation:

Open WhatsApp;

Select the contact you want to video call;

At the top of the screen, press the camera icon:

Video call WhatsApp Android

Wait for a response on the other side!

Easier than that?

And if this applies to users who use Android, or the operating system of Google , if you have an iPhone you will be in front of a screen with different colors, but you will not have to follow the same procedure to locate the dedicated button and start the video call WhatsApp .

And the quality?

Video call WhatsApp

It must be said that, as for many other similar services, the quality of WhatsApp video calls depends a lot on the quality of the connection you are exploiting.

So, if you are connected to your data network but you are in an area with little field, you may experience significant communication problems.

In addition, it is good to clarify that the sharpness of the video also greatly affects the power of the sensor of the front camera of the smartphone: a 0.3 megapixel camera will never achieve the same result of an 8 megapixel or higher, right?

In conclusion, even if the video call of WhatsApp is certainly an increasingly perfect function, the idea of having various possibilities of communication is certainly an advantage of no small account for those who do not want to install too many applications on their smartphone – with lots of thanks from the memories that are increasingly filled with heavy and cumbersome applications.

How much do WhatsApp video calls consume?

It is not easy to establish with absolute certainty how much is able to consume a video call WhatsApp when connected to the data network since there are several factors that affect consumption, the duration of the call in the first place.

The advice I can give is to make gradual tests of video calls on WhatsApp, monitoring consumption and keeping an eye on the threshold of data still available.

It is, therefore, necessary to check how much data is spent on the video calls WhatsApp to get an idea and not stay dry Gigabyte, before proceeding to video call at full blast – always calculating the residual traffic and the time of the video call.

What is certain, is that when you have the opportunity to take advantage of WiFi, perhaps a solid landline, it is always cheaper than using the data network.

Did you already use this WhatsApp feature? What do you think of the WhatsApp video call, and if so, do you prefer to use competing apps to look your interlocutor in the eye? You might also read:

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