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4 Ways to Make Money Writing on the Internet 

Since the arrival of the Internet earning money writing is no longer reserved only for those who manage to successfully publish and sell a book or work as editors in a newspaper or magazine, but something that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can do .

And is that on the Internet there are various ways to earn money writing ranging from those who barely earn enough to pay for Internet service to those that have allowed them to earn a fortune to many people, And that if in addition to having a computer and an Internet connection you like to write and you would like to earn money for it, you should take into account. Internet 

The following are the 4 main ways to earn money by writing on the Internet:

Write on a blog

A blog is a website that regularly publishes texts that are usually not so extensive and cover the same topic (called posts), and where the reader is given the opportunity to post comments at the end of these.

To create a blog are usually used platforms that can be found on the Internet such as WordPress and Blogger , which allow us, for free, easily create and manage one without a need for more knowledge in web design.

While to generate income with a blog are usually used the following methods:

  • rent advertising spaces are to provide third parties (eg portals or companies) the possibility to place their advertisements (usually banners) somewhere on the blog in exchange for a periodic payment.
  • use adware involves putting in blog advertising ads that are provided by adware (being the best-known program AdSense ), which get paid each time a user clicks on any of the ads.
  • promoting products affiliate programs: is to promote the blog products that are provided by affiliate programs (the most known program ClickBank ), which get paid a commission every time a user visits the website where Sells some of the products and buys it.
  • sell or thirdparty products is sold on the blog products (usually information products such as ebooks, guides, tutorials, video courses, etc.) related to the subject thereof, whether themselves or others in exchange for a commission .

Writing in a blog can make us earn a lot of money but generally in the medium term, because for a blog to be profitable it is necessary to get a good traffic of visits, which is only achieved by publishing good quality content regularly And for a good time.

Tip: To choose the topic of a blog should take into account the most searched topics on the Internet, but especially sure to choose a topic that one likes because only then can write on the same topic regularly and for a good time.

Write for third parties

Writing for third parties consists of working as a freelance editor and writing articles, posts, reviews and other texts for third parties such as portals, blogs, and companies, in exchange for an economic remuneration.

In order to start writing for third parties, a web page is usually created to indicate the services to be offered, to publish samples of work done and, if possible, to indicate the rates; and then promote this in classified advertising sites or through advertising programs like AdWords .

Another alternative that does not need the creation of a web page and that can be equally effective is to register on websites that function as a meeting point between freelance copywriters and clients, and that help us to get the latter in exchange for A commission.

Some of these sites that function as a meeting point between freelance editors and clients are:

  • Freelancer
  • Nubelo
  • WorkFreelance
  • Find a blogger
  • Fiverr
  • InfoJobs
  • Textbroker
  • Vivilia

Although what we can gain by writing for third parties is limited by a number of texts we can write and what we can charge for these, it is an alternative that can mean to us an important source of income if we are able to write good texts Quality in a short time.

Tip: To decide on a freelance copywriter people often take into account their reputation (for example, the rating has been given on the site where it is promoted), but above all, the work samples you have.

Write on websites that pay commissions

In addition to the websites that serve as a meeting point between freelance copywriters and clients, there are also websites that pay us commissions for writing and publishing articles or other types of texts in them.

In order to earn money by writing on these sites we must register with one of them, write and publish an article on any of the topics that allow, and wait for us to pay a commission, which usually corresponds to a percentage of the profits that have Generated the advertising placed on the page where our article is published.

Some of these sites that pay us commissions for writing and posting articles on them are:

  • Arti goes the site that allows us to earn 50% of the revenue generated by advertisements placed on the page where our article is published.
  • Globedia : site that allows us to write news or opinions on topical issues and receive a percentage of the donations made readers.
  • HubPages : English only site that allows us to earn commissions resulting from the use of AdSense advertising program, but also affiliate programs Amazon and eBay.

These sites are no longer as popular as they were a few years ago so you do not usually make a lot of money with them; However, they are a good alternative for those who are just beginning to write articles on the Internet, as it allows them to have a small income while gaining experience.

Tip: The key to making money with these sites is writing and publishing in them a lot of good quality items can attract good traffic from readers.

Write an ebook

To write an ebook is not necessary to be a professional writer or an expert in the subject on which it is written, but enough to have a taste for writing and write about a topic you know well or, in any case, which is Willing to investigate.

To promote and sell an ebook is usually to create a sales page where users can buy it through payment by credit card and download it in PDF format, and then promote this on a website or blog; Or, in any case, promote it and sell it in sites that help us with this task in exchange for a commission, among which we can highlight:

  • ClickBank : the site where besides allowing us to promote and sell our ebook, allows us to get affiliates to help us promote and sell, and increase exposure and sales of this, in exchange for a commission.
  • Amazon : site that allows us to sell our ebook in Kindle format AZW devices (probably right now the easiest and quickest way to start selling an ebook).
  • Lulu and Bubok : sites where besides allowing us to sell our ebook in PDF format, allow us to make and sell it in physical form (printed on paper) plus avail themselves handing the customer at home.

Writing an ebook is not a simple task, let alone selling it successfully if we are not well-known writers; However, it is an alternative that can make us earn a lot of money if we write one that is entertaining and / or very useful for the reader, and we do a proper promotion.

Tip: To avoid having to write an ebook of several pages, a strategy that several writers used successfully are to write several ebooks few pages (less than 50) and sell them at a low price (less than 3 dollars) on Amazon for Kindle.

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