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Christmas gift ideas

30 Christmas gift ideas to wow at a small price

A choice that seems limited

Our choices of Christmas gifts may seem limited when trying to get away on a small budget. You are surely wondering how you can find the right gift for everyone on your list. Gift cards are not a bad idea, but your gift will ideally be as unique as its recipient.

Christmas gift ideas
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We have compiled in this article some gift ideas to inspire you in this holiday season and to amaze friends, family, and colleagues without finding yourself in the red.

Homemade Christmas Treats

This is something simple and good, and it does not need to be a fruit cake! Sweets, pastries, and other home products are always welcomed by the person who receives them. Whether you cook biscuits in industrial quantities to share them in the office or wish to offer your friend his favorite muffin, homemade dishes are the job of everyone.

Here are some ideas for cooking:

  • Biscuits, brownies, sweets or other treats that you can do quickly and in large quantities.
  • Assorted nuts – salted, sweetened or spiced.
  • Pretzels or marshmallows coated with chocolate.
  • Bread and flavored butter.
  • Ice cream toppings.
  • Jams or jellies.
  • The flavored popcorn.
  • Mason mixes with recipes.
  • Crunchy peanuts.
  • Mixtures of herbs.

Arts and crafts: do something unique

Are you more artistic? Be unique by offering gifts made with your own hands!

  • It is easy to find patterns to knit crochet or sew.
  • Your little talents, for example, to draw, paint, engrave wood, etc., will be of great help to you this Christmas.
  • Your friends and family would love to receive a personalized gift from you.

Here are some craft ideas you can try:

  • Knitted or crocheted scarves, toques or gloves.
  • A poem, canvas or framed drawing.
  • Felt Christmas decorations, buttons, bottle stoppers, multi-layered paper or other home-made items.
  • Christmas wreaths in vintage stoppers, vintage paper, old decorations, linens or other home-made items.
  • Scrabble tile bracelets or necklaces.
  • Silver key chains.
  • Christmas tree decorations made from your old family photos.
  • An envelope of gift cards.
  • Bags made from old jeans or t-shirts.
  • Pots of candles.

Have fun with interactive gifts

Give your friends and family something to keep them busy!

  • Assemble and match items like recipes with ingredients, notebooks with style pencils or other homemade blends.
  • These interactive gifts can be quite cheap while targeting a special pastime of your friends or family, such as gardening or scrapbooking.

Here are some interactive gift ideas:

  • A cup of tea with herbal teas.
  • A collage kit or craft supplies.
  • Pencils with a stationery kit.
  • A card game with a rule book.
  • Flower seeds or a small plant with gardening gloves.
  • A homemade cookie mix with cooking instructions.
  • Muffin mixes with a mold.
  • A manicure kit.
  • A gift card for a movie theater.
  • Puzzles puzzle books or other small games.

Do not let your tight budget limit you in this holiday season. Try these creative gift ideas this Christmas. In the case of this article help to us about 30 Christmas gift ideas to wow at a small price.

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