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How to get paid to test video games

For serious gamers out there, being a professional gambling tester might look like a dream job. However, the responsibilities involved are much more complex than just being paid to sit on a couch and play games all day. Video games are rigorously tested before they are released, and testers are supposed to find all the potential bugs. They can be prompted to run through every possible dialogue line to check for errors, test compatibility with graphics cards, or even simply turn the game on and off to determine the charge time. The tasks of a game tester are often time-consuming and tedious. Just as much time is spent writing reports as games,

Build your skills. Having a love of video games is not going to be enough. You must be familiar with most game consoles, personal computers, and portable devices. Computer or electronics training is often helpful as well. Testers must also be strong writers as well as experience in creating data games

Some developers will open up the possibility for unpaid beta testers to try their unfinished product before it launches. Although this kind of work is not as rigorous as professional testing, being involved in a beta test is a useful experience and can be added to your resume. Find out what big companies have games in development, and check their websites regularly to find out if a beta test opens.

Search for your local game developers. Find out what opportunities are available to you. All developers will have a career section on their website. Even if they do not have open test positions, visit these sites often in order to stay on top of all new possibilities. Some sites allow you to create a profile that will alert you to job postings that fit your area of interest. Others have RSS feeds so you can see openings appear as they are games

Make contacts. Go to gaming conventions and talk to industry professionals. Even though it is rarely appropriate to ask foreigners for agreements to give you a job, it does not hurt to seek advice or advice on getting in the field. If there are no conventions in your area, look for relevant online forums, and ask your questions.


Distinguish yourself from the competition. Given the popular design of gambling tests as a simple way to get paid to play, the number of candidates trying to break into this area is enormous. Show your potential employers that you understand the nature of the work and take it seriously. Dress professionally.Create a CV showing your qualifications. Do not use gamer slang when writing new contacts for the first time. Treat it as you would any other games

Begin to apply. Many game developers will have spontaneous applications and cover letters to keep on file if you want to double check their individual policies regarding this topic. Make it clear that you are interested in a career in quality control or error reporting. Show that you have a commitment to the product rather than just a gaming urge. Before applying to a new company, become familiar with their games, and make mention of your experience with their products in your cover letter.

Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed right away. Stay up to date with new opportunities. Keep trying. As with any competitive area, persistence usually pays away in the games

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