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10 Expert Tips to Become a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (AV) is a personal assistant that works remotely. Here are 10 expert tips to help you become an independent virtual assistant.

The flexibility of scheduling, controlling your free time, reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your personal freedom are among the advantages of this job (like any self-employment).

1. Make an internet page to gain visibility

There are many website building tools available today. Your site is your online professional showcase for your virtual assistant services.

  • If it is possible to start as a virtual assistant without the help of a website, a webpage should be established as soon as possible to ensure an online presence and allow your potential customers to get in touch with you.

Virtual2. Join online agencies

Join online agencies for self-employed people to enhance your skills – whether you are writing, typing, making reservations, secretarial work or data entry.

  • There may be a steady supply of projects within client and self-employment agencies.
  • However, many of these companies are based in the US, so do not forget to ask if they hire Canadians.


3. Keep a background of security

As a freelancer, your workflow and remuneration will tend to fluctuate, so make sure you plan your budget as far as you can.

  • Save enough money to cover your expenses for a few months (and a little more for unexpected emergencies) before you, drop your regular job.

Virtual4. Get Referrals

Use advertising or referrals from satisfied customers to build your reputation.

  • To make sure your customers are ready to give you positive references, do your job as best you can every time.

5. Contact your former colleagues

Inform your former employers and your professional knowledge that you are available as a virtual assistant.

Virtual6. Sharpen your skills

If copying online articles and search engine optimization (OMR) are part of your skills, you will increase your value as a professional and the number of projects that you will have access to.

  • Whatever your skills, try to keep up to date with the latest technologies.
  • In most AV positions, you will need to be skilled in using these skills.

7. Diversify your skills

Unless you are an expert in a particular field, try a wide variety of projects to discover your preferences and what you perform best.

Virtual8. Look for young companies

Target young people and small businesses to build your clientele.

  • These clients are more likely to hire virtual assistants because of their cost-effectiveness.

9. Control your workflow

An advantage of being a freelancer or AV is that you can control your workflow.

  • Therefore, when your workflow or money decreases, you only need to apply for other projects.

10. Stay on course

Build your brand and your reputation.

  • Do not give up following just a few setbacks.
  • In addition, remember that good self-employed worker did not build their careers in one night.

A few notes on the work of AV

Perhaps one of the best things about becoming a virtual assistant is that you can keep your regular job and do this job in the evenings or on weekends.

  • Spending your free time working as AV will allow you to test the ground and establish your career while ensuring you a steady income.
  • Along with this expert advice, one of the most important factors to remember is that self-employment or virtual assistant is not for everyone.

However, this kind of freelance work can provide the freedom, income, and flexibility that many people can dream of.

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