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5 Quick Renovation Projects for the Weekend

Renovations do not always have to be very complicated. Here are five quick, easy-to-do family re-enactments for your next weekend.

1. A mounting brackethome

Do you find a louvered door or window frame chic worn? Paint it a bit over the weekend, put decorative hooks on it, then hang your work in the kitchen to put away your flowerpots and kitchen utensils.

  • Do not hesitate to play with the concept, for example by adding a collage of family photos of your own to decorate the whole.

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2. Instant cabinetshome

From dormitories to master bedrooms, a wide variety of solutions is within your reach if you are looking for cabinets.

3. Decorate your bathroomhome

Start by painting your bathroom in white.

  • Pick up some fish-like stencils that you will stick to the wall to paint them in yellow and blue tones.
  • For the more ambitious, buy a DIY sponge and semi-gloss marine blue paint. Slightly dip the underside of the sponge into the paint, and then dab it evenly over the surface of your walls.
  • Add an eccentric and sparkling mirror, then a yellow sun shower curtain, and you are off to a good start.

4. Redeem the look of your living roomhome

Start by repainting the part with a neutral color. Do not hesitate to look for effects of contrast between colors.

  • Use patterns to draw shapes that you will define the outline with opaque ribbon before filling the inside with a bright color.
  • Crown it all by enlarging one or two of your favorite family photos, framing them and hanging them in the living room once the paint dries.

5. Give the children’s room a new lusterhome

It is well known: with children, do not skimp on the color. Ask the children to choose a bedding, and then find a matching color for the walls.

  • Add a colorful sticker to a superhero or princess.
  • A few ottomans and a bass table will be enough to arrange the ideal little corner of play.
  • A prominent wall bracket will provide plenty of room for backpacks and coats.
  • To finish, stack some storage cubes and voila – the room will be transformed.

Home renovations do not have to be a headache. Sometimes a quick change can make all the difference. Try one of these projects on your next rainy weekend with the help of your family.

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