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10 tips to survive as a couple during the summer holidays

Summer is the most favorable time for separations and divorces according to the sources of the Institute of Family Policies, which adds that in the third quarter of the year 33,000 couples separate.

The many reasons and reasons that can Resulting in a divorce appear during the summer period. The most common reasons are the little communication during the year or spending too much time together for the holidays, which can show up as negative effect during the holidays.

1. Organization

Before going on holiday, it is better to organize and know more or less how the days will be distributed: what is the time of rising, eating outside or at home, the beach schedule and excursions, etc. Especially to avoid the traditional discussions that break the rhythm of the day.

holidays2. Divide responsibilities

Who prepares the breakfast, who takes care of the shopping or the meal, who puts the washing machine on the road or empties the dishwasher … Or in case you are in hotel or apartment, which arranges the clothes that we Let’s get out of the suitcase, etc.


3. Give way

If there are diverse activities and everyone wants to do different things, organize themselves so that each of you renounces an activity. What activity can bring you the most as a couple?

holidays4. Dedicate time to the couple

Holidays are the perfect time to stop time and spend time together. Show your half that you want to pursue the relationship and strengthen your ties.

5. Discuss open questions

Being on holiday is the best time to discuss and analyze problems that may have arisen during the year. There is no question of taking the head, but speaking quietly. A satisfactory agreement can be found and start the new season with renewed vows.

holidays6. Respect the space of each

Even if you spend part of the day together, remember that it is necessary for everyone to have his or her own space, just to think or be alone.

7. Belle-Family

If this is the “problem”, it will be necessary to determine the frequency and number of visits. This subject must be negotiated in advance by the couple, since it is a delicate matter for which either one might feel offended easily.

holidays8. Friends

It may be that friends are also the problem, and we invite you to follow the same advice as for the Beautiful Family.

9. Small gestures

It is important to invest in small gestures for which you do not have much time during the year. Cooking for the other, inviting him to a special place, in summary, remind him and make, him feel your concern to make happy / get your half.

10. Unusual activities for an adrenaline discharge

Summer is an ideal time to carry out activities that you have always wanted to do and have never taken the time or never decided. You can try out programs in the open air such as rafting, surfing, paragliding or just a relaxing day at the beach!

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