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6 more questions you need to ask of your marquee hire firm

When you’re paying out a lot of money for hiring a marquee, it is important that you have hired the right company to cover your needs.

6 more questions you need to ask of your marquee hire firm

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These are a few important questions you need to ask:

1 British weather is very unpredictable, can the marquee cater for any eventuality? For example, if the weather is very hot can the marquee be opened up to let fresh air in and will fans be available to cool the room? If, on the other hand, the weather is wet or even stormy, can the marquee be closed up and is it stormproof? Are heaters available because the last thing you want is for your guests to get wet or cold?

2 An electricity supply will be needed to run lighting, refrigeration and catering requirements, and also for music and any entertainment system. Will a generator be supplied, if not, can they suggest a provider?

3 Lighting in the marquee is quite an important factor to achieve a nice ambient atmosphere. Can candles be used? Is this a safe option in a marquee? Otherwise, what lighting is available?

4 Do they supply the bathroom/toilet facilities and will there be a separate one for the bride to use? Using the bathroom in a wedding dress is no easy task and so a private bathroom would be a bonus. Where will these be situated and are there any special requirements?

5 Will the marquee mess up my garden? A good marquee hire company such as marquee hire in Kent will supply a marquee erectors in a team who will ensure the marquee area will be left neat and tidy.

6 more questions you need to ask of your marquee hire firm2

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6 It is best to take out an insurance policy to cover both the marquee and your property from any damage that might occur. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Marquees come in all shapes and sizes, the five main types are:

1.      Framed rectangular shaped tent that needs no poles inside.
2.      Traditional pretty tents with inner poles and curved roof.
3.      Chinese hat, attractive point-topped tents.
4.      Stretch tents, good for fixing on a range of surfaces and very flexible.
5.      Bell tents, used mostly for glamping.

Whichever marquee you choose, you will have a unique, individual experience and a night to remember.

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