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summer yoga

Summer, sun, 30 degrees and yoga! Does this fit?

To enjoy what could be nicer than the sun’s warming rays in a deck chair? A cool drink, a good book or spend time together with friends on a warm summer evening. This year, in particular, show where the sun’s rays so rare.

If I tell you now that it is also important in the summer of yoga practice, you probably think I’m crazy. Yet these benefits you will surely convince. Keep reading: 6 HEALTHY HABITS TO TAKE CARE OF CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH

1st Yoga gives you cool

summer yoga

If you are hot, do a pranayama practice, as the cool breath. You roll your tongue a while and pull the air through this self-formed tube. If you roll your tongue can not, no problem, then form into your mouth to kiss her mouth and pull the air through the small opening through the lips. You’ll see how cool you are.

2nd Yoga stop the cravings

You want to like to eat ice cream all day, or other sugary or fatty snacks? Every time when you feel threatened to overwhelm, put a short yoga break. Make a couple twists, for example Trikonasana state or attitudes, such as Warrior 1 and visual content, as you fight and hunger. This gives confidence and courage, good humor brings but without any calories.

3rd Enjoy yoga in nature

summer yoga

Who says that you are your yoga mat only allowed to roll out there? Practice some games on the beach, on the lawn or on the terrace. Important: you can search out a place where the sun do not shine on you, enjoy the slight breeze and the scent of summer flowers.

4th Swap to Yoga Meditation

Swap your yoga mat a try against a meditation cushion. Because meditation is yoga! Find yourself to a nice place where good you feel. This can in the garden, on a mountain, beach or where his always. Enjoy in meditation for a few minutes with yourself and dive into your own personal oasis of calm.

summer yoga

5th Yoga reduces the envy of the beach Models

Of course, you know by now that even a dream body is not happy. Because there is always some flaw. Therefore, it means also “dream” body 😉 As long as you’re healthy, a few extra pounds are not too bad. But remember, with each unit of yoga you build additional muscle mass, you just cannot seem slim, but even in a deck chair burns more calories than fat. Well, if that is not motivated? You might also like:

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