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Some decor calls for a chandelier but don’t forget the simple beauty of a pendant light

For a lighting fixture to be considered a chandelier it must be multi-armed, suspended and containing more than one bulb. When choosing the right chandelier for your home, there is some terminology that you might come across. Here are some terms and what they mean to help you in your research

Pendant lights have single light bulbs suspended from the ceiling with a chain or cord. And can be in various sizes and shapes to suit your taste.

Arm – the light bearing part of the fitting, also sometimes referred to as the branch

Bag – this refers to a drop of crystals that hang from a circular frame that are looped back into the center underneath to form a bag. This was a style that featured in Regency and American chandeliers.

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Bead – a glass droplet with a hole drilled through it to hang. Sometimes the decor of a room will lend itself to a simpler design such as a pendant light with one bulb. For your own hanging pendant lights that can make a statement just as well as a chandelier, visit

Canopy – a small dish suspended over the top of a chandelier in which beads are hung to create additional embellishment

Kitchen hanging Pendants can add a stylish array of single lights over the worktops or supply good bright lighting over a central island and are easier to clean than chandeliers.

Corona – a chandelier in a crown-shaped style

Neoclassical – this style of chandelier has multiple arms, spires with strings of rhomboids, ovals or octagons

Prism – a straight drop with many faces

Regency – this style has many drops. Strings of beads rise eliersfrom hoops and get smaller as they rise culminating in a canopy. The stem of the fitting is normally completely hidden by a bag of concentric rings of glass that form a waterfall inside.

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Venetian – this is a type of glass from the island of Murano in Venice but also refers to any chandelier in a Venetian style

Waterfall – sometimes also known as a wedding cake design, it features concentric rings of icicle-like drops suspended under plates or hoops.

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