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Step-by-Step Process in Creating a Logo

There are several steps to take when creating a logo for your business. First, you may choose to complete the design process on a computer or with a pencil, pen, or paper. Remember, scribbling is part of the design process to create a logo! You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy this part. You can even scribble while you’re brainstorming ideas. Afterward, you can refine the ideas by tweaking them until they fit your company.

Iterative process

An iterative process is a proven method for enhancing concepts, designs, software systems, and products. For example, Apple products undergo a continuous cycle of improvements, which begins with a plan for an initial phase. This initial phase is then refined through trial and error and forms the foundation for the next segment of the project. Each cycle improves the product and increases the chances of reaching the desired result. However, this process may not work for every team or project.

Market research

Logo design starts with conducting market research, auditing competitors, and preparing mood boards. Then, a design team experiments with ideas. Then, it sorts them into the “good” and “bad” categories and focuses on the best ones. The team then transfers sketches to computers using Adobe Illustrator. After the sketches are complete, the team focuses on improving visual communication and enhancing the concept. The final design includes the choice of colors, typography, and layout variations.

Trace the virtual paths

Using a drawing tablet or mouse, you can trace the virtual paths of a logo. During the process, experiment with the thickness of lines, angles, and curves. It is also important to experiment with the placement of elements. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can progress to more complex tasks. 

Colors affect the perception of visual stimuli.

In choosing colors for a logo, consider how they can influence the way people process information. Research suggests that specific colors have a stronger impact on the way people process information than others. For example, when creating a logo for a company, it is important to choose a color that evokes positive emotions in people. In other words, using colors that evoke negative emotions in people will make the logo less memorable.

Sketching logo ideas

Developing a great logo design starts with sketching. While the sketches are not museum-quality, they should give you an idea of the general shape of the logo. It’s better to start by sketching a few rough versions and refine them later. This step is important for exploring different directions and styles of logo designs. This step is crucial, as the endless “what ifs” can lead to countless logo ideas.

Getting a blank sheet of paper

Many artists and designers begin their logo projects with rough sketches and notes. This brainstorming helps them develop a final logo and is an important step. It can speed up the process, but it can help keep your mind focused on the end product. 

Researching competitors

While knowing your competitors’ names and offerings is important, it is insufficient. If you want to get ahead of them, you must also analyze their products and services to create a unique brand. Benchmarking is the key to winning over customers

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