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Customer retention

After-sales service, the key to success in customer retention

It may seem on many occasions that the hardest part is making new customers. The important thing is that our customer base grows and it is essential not only to reach new, but those who already have remain faithful. In this sense a good after – sales service is the key to success in customer retention.

Caring for our customers is not only that they have an to be happy, but also is going to become ambassadors of our company. We cannot think that concludes our business once we have sold them the product. We need to accompany and especially help them get the best out of our program.

Customer retention
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On the other hand we also have to make us responsible for that everything works as it should, if we are also a service selling something. It is not enough just to replace it with a new one, sometimes this is even less, but we have to leave it exactly as I had the client for the further work as if nothing had happened.

In this sense the approach that has the customer service in many companies is wrong . This is not to offer something simply because so does your competition, but it has to be a powerful weapon to fight large companies often offer the same as us over the Internet.

After – sales service the customer has to perceive as an added value to our product, make him understand that means ensuring business continuity often need, or tranquility for the customer who has to call when you have a problem. Put a face to this service is very important for proper operation.

In the end it comes to investing in this service just as we would do with the sales department to achieve the necessary balance, retain our customers, not as prisoners because they have no other solution but rather because they are satisfied with our services and products.

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