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How to quickly and easily revitalise your decor

Tired of your worn-out décor? Sick of staring at the same wallpaper and furniture you’ve had for years? Fear not, as here are some quick and easy ways you can cheer up your depressed décor whilst sticking to a tight budget:

  • Remember that a home is a work in progress so you don’t need to replace everything in every room all at the same time. Taking things room by room will help you keep focused and keep that budget in check.
  • Replacing blinds or curtains is an easy quick-fix to brighten up a room. Ready-to-hang window dressings need not be expensive, can be installed straight away and make a dramatic improvement to a room.
  • Incorporate some fresh flowers or houseplants into your home. Houseplants help to purify the air and are known for their mood boosting qualities. Fresh flowers will make your home smell fresh as a daisy, so too will a display of potpourri. Think about a statement antique vase to add some glam to your living space.
  • Invest in a luxurious rug if you can’t replace flooring or carpets. Go bright and patterned or lush and super soft to totally transform a room. Your toes will thank you and you’ll be amazed at you can effortlessly change the feel of a room.
  • Think cosy family get-togethers in front of an antique fireplace. A stunning focal point like this can breathe new life into a home and makes a perfect spot for cold-evening gatherings. You don’t have to spend a fortune either as many antique items can be found at reclamation yards. For Antique Fireplaces Ireland, visit

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  • A fresh lick of paint can work wonders on tired, grubby walls. Not only will it brighten the house but your mood too. This is a relatively cheap and easy option that should only take you a weekend and will freshen up any room. Don’t forget the outside. A new coat of paint on window frames, front doors, garage doors and fences can immediately transform your curb appeal.

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  • Update your lighting fixtures to change the atmosphere of your home. Maybe a lavish antique lamp or LED lighting in the kitchen? Simple, quick fixes such as these can make a world of difference. Angled and coloured lighting are great for creating mood and highlighting certain focal points and features in a room.
  • Hang some new art on the walls or create a stunning photo frame gallery to turn a dull wall into an attractive focal point. Installing decorative shelving is another idea for you to display pictures, ornaments, candles and any other collections you might want to show off.
  • Treat yourself to a new ornate mirror or several smaller mirrors in a pattern. Positioning mirrors opposite windows is a great way to reflect maximum light back into the room. This is particularly useful when wanting to make a small space look bigger. Large, beautiful antique mirrors are a perfect centre piece and talking point.

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