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How to make pizza oil for pizza

Whether it’s a family or friends get-together or a night spent watching a game or a movie, a pizza portion is always welcome to have a pleasant time. And with a good tangy oil, it will satisfy even more our gluttony. To fully enjoy a pizza share, no need to buy a tangy oil. With, it is more interesting to concoct your own pizza oil for pizza. Here’s a nice recipe for making pizza oil at home.

pizzaIngredients for How to make pizza oil for pizza:

  • Half a liter of olive oil
  • A half-liter of sunflower oil
  • 15 g of bird peppers
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • Leaves of Laurel
  • Thyme and basil
  • Berries
  • Some grains of pepper
  • Salt


pizzaLess than 15 minutes

To begin, take an empty bottle and put in five berries that are not yet ground. Then pour in the peppercorns.

When done, add the bay leaves, a branch of thyme and basil, not forgetting the cloves of garlic already crushed and the bird is peppers. Then salt. A pinch of salt may be enough to make the tangy oil tastier.

Once all the ingredients are gathered in the same bottle, pour the olive oil and the sunflower oil. Mix the whole by shaking the bottle vigorously.

You must then have patience because it takes two to three weeks to marinate the pizza oil to make it usable. This is worth it because after this time your pungent oil will be even more flavorful.

pizzaAfter a few weeks, here you have your spicy pizza oil for homemade pizza. All you have to do is enjoy a good pizza.

By accompanying a pizza with this spicy oil, you will appreciate even more the taste of meat, seafood, vegetables that garnish your pizza. With its pungent but exquisite flavor, it will save the taste of pizza prepared at home that sometimes looks a little dry.

Scented and delicious, this pungent pizza oil will become essential to your table. There is, therefore, a greater risk that the bottle will soon be over, especially if you receive guests. It will, therefore, be necessary to put in reserve a few bottles more to not wait a few weeks to taste again this delicious pizza oil. In addition, even if you have not yet finished the first bottle, the others can be kept for several months. The more marinated they are, the more exquisite they will be.

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