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Catholic wedding

Out of doubt! This is the order of entry and exit of a Catholic wedding

Nervous about your religious wedding? Do not worry about knowing the details of the Catholic wedding procession! Begin to organize the details of your ceremony and enjoy every step of the way to the altar. Here we tell you how to get in and out of a Catholic church.

The entrance of the nuptial procession to the church is one of the most solemn moments of the ceremony and marks the beginning of the spiritual celebration of the wedding under the Catholic faith. Between floral arrangements for the wedding and wonderful music, the bride and groom and their closest loved ones walk together to appear before the altar. The wedding dress shows off all its splendor, and the bridal bouquet perfumes each step. Continue reading: HOW TO BUILD PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT ATTACHMENT?

Catholic wedding order

Catholic wedding

There are many ways to order courtship: each church and each organizer can adapt the protocol according to which the contracting parties and their families usually access. In some traditions, for example, the future spouses enter the church together; in others, the pages are the last to enter. In this article, you will learn about the most traditional way of entry and exit in Mexican Catholic ceremonies.

Entrance to the church

Once the guests have taken their seats, those of the bride on the left and those of the groom on the right, the entrance of the nuptial procession begins. The first to enter is the priest. Then the boyfriend enters, accompanied by his mother . If the couple will have many pajecitos and meninas at their wedding, the first group can enter at this time. Afterwards, the mother of the bride and the father of the groom must enter. By the way, formal etiquette suggests that moms wear evening dresses with sleeves .

After the parents, the godparents and godmothers enter : wake, arras, lasso, Bible and, finally, the bridesmaid . Although there are many ways to order them, it is suggested that they be organized according to the order of participation in the ceremony . The next to enter the church are the bridesmaids and the best men .

Traditionally, it is at this moment when the little pages and the little pages come in, that they can throw petals of flowers for wedding  to decorate the arrival of the bride. And, finally, the long-awaited moment: the last to enter are the bride and her dad . Although the usual thing is that the boyfriend is accompanied by the mother and the girlfriend by the father, the context of each family is different and they can go on the arm of those you want.

Catholic wedding

Exit of the church

The first person to leave is the bouquet godmother. Afterwards, the ladies and the best men are removed . Then, godparents and godmothers come out: Bible, bow, arras, rings and vigil. So far, they see that almost all the groups come out in the reverse order . Then the parents of the groom must leave, followed by the parents of the bride. Next, the pages and the pages are removed.

One of the pajecitos groups can retire after the bridesmaids, in case they plan to help distribute the church wedding memories . The last to leave are the couple, now husband and wife. While they leave a natural bridal bouquet as an offering to the Virgin in the church or pray a prayer at the altar, their guests can prepare their welcome outside the enclosure.

Catholic wedding

And who goes to each side?

The organizers of the ceremony must comply with the rules of the church chosen for the celebration and this order may vary. It is important that all the guests be punctual, because entering after the bride to the church is impolite. When the courtship is made up of couples, the men are placed to the right of the women .

In the procession we can see how two families come together: upon entering, the bride goes to the left side and her father to the right: the bride is on the side of her loved ones. The boyfriend, in turn, enters to the right of his mother, in the position that corresponds to his family and friends. But  when they leave, the bride goes to the right and the boyfriend to the left .

In order for the bride and groom to enjoy their way to the altar, it is very helpful for the bridesmaids, the best men or a professional service to organize the procession. It is important that each step of the ceremony be satisfactory for the bride and groom, from the formation of their courtship to the prayers for wedding invitations. It is also necessary to confirm with your church the details of the Catholic wedding. The music, flowers and thoughts of love that will be shared in the ceremony must comply with the rules of the sanctuary. With the support of all your loved ones, the wedding will be simply unforgettable. You may also read:

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